“More intense skating with K-pop at the fore”

The figure skater, who was nicknamed ‘Pipyak’ cutely, broke away from a promising star this season and has grown into an active player on the world stage in earnest. This is the story of Lee Hae-in (Sehwa Girls’ High School, photo), who won the silver medal in the women’s single event at the World Figure Skating Championships held in Japan last month.

Lee Hae-in, who was selected as the best player (MVP) for March at the 2023 MBN Women’s Sports Awards and attended the ceremony held at the Maekyung Media Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 18th, said, “After winning the Grand Prix as a junior player in 2019, I received this award. I am even more happy to receive it again as a senior player.” “She’s four inches taller than she was four years ago, and her skating skills have improved, but I think she’s grown more mentally than that,” she added with a snap.카지노사이트

In the meantime, Lee Hae-in became the first Korean athlete to win a world championship medal since Kim Yu-na, the “Queen of Figure Skating”. She competed against candidates such as badminton Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong, who won the women’s doubles championship at the Jeonyeong Open, Kim Dan-bi, who led Woori Bank to win the women’s professional basketball championship, and Yang Ha-eun, who won the second consecutive women’s professional table tennis championship at POSCO International, but were unanimously voted MVP in March. That’s why I went. Lee Hae-in did not stop there, and in April as a member of the national team in her team trophy competition, a team event, she played a major role in winning runner-up.

Of course, grades are important, and of course you have to endure hard practice, but he said that playing the season with the mindset of having fun rather than being nervous for the sake of grades was effective. Lee Hae-in said, “I just said to do what I can, but it seems to have been a successful season. It has become a season in which both good and bad things have been accumulated to go to the top.” It’s a season where I’m glad I didn’t make that mistake again.”

Above all, I was able to laugh until the end by finishing the team trophy competition with an attitude of taking care of my surroundings and trying to talk together. Lee Hae-in, who said, “I was happy to go up to the podium together with the national team players,” said Lee Hae-in, who used his usual hobby of painting, to draw illustrations of the players to revive his spirit. Showed. “I thought it was difficult because my hands hurt a little after drawing for about an hour, but the colleagues who received the paintings loved it so much that I was able to be happy,” came the explanation.

Lee Hae-in is already thinking about the next season. During the official practice of the team trophy, he tried a triple axel and landed successfully. Lee Hae-in, who often chooses K-pop such as New Jeans and Ive, said, “Because I am Korean, I use K-pop a lot, and if possible, I want to promote K-pop to overseas figure skating fans as well.”

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