“Minor leaguer to bullpen catcher” “Goal is KBO”

Tryouts were held ahead of next month’s KBO Draft.

Five baseball students, each with their own story and dreams of becoming a pro, put their hand up.

Five people in different uniforms gathered in the rainy weather.

They were going to test their skills in front of scouts from 10 teams.

With parents and friends cheering them on, they’re eager to swing the bat as hard as they can and run as fast as they can.

Hwang Young-mook, an infielder who made a name for himself in baseball entertainment programs, also caught my eye.

Hanwha bullpen catcher Do Seung-hyun takes on the challenge with the support of his teammates.

“(Park) Sang-won said, ‘Do well,’ and ‘You’re the best catcher.'”

It was Jin Woo-young, the only pitching contestant, who received the most attention.

He played in the Kansas City minor leagues after high school, then returned to South Korea to complete his military service and knocked on the door of the KBO.메이저놀이터

“As I’ve been traveling around the U.S., I’ve been throwing faster pitches than I did in high school, with fastballs over 150 km/h. Then there’s my main weapon, the splitter.”

The players kept smiling and encouraged each other despite the bad weather.

We look forward to seeing them in their new uniforms at next month’s draft.

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