Manchester United expecting ‘Van Persie effect’ from Kane…”Rashford will become Son Heung-min”

Manchester United seem to be expecting a ‘Robin van Persie effect’ from Harry Kane.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 8th (Korean time), “Man United wants to sign a striker. Experienced Kane and young Victor Osimen are candidates. Neither of them is easy to sign. It will ask for about 151.2 billion won). Even if he transfers, it is highly likely that he will prefer another league outside England. Napoli is also likely to want more than 100 million pounds for Osimen transfer fee.”

In the meantime, Kane has listed what to expect if he goes to Manchester United. First of all, Kane is a striker with great scoring power and has been verified in the English Premier League (EPL). He is the 3rd all-time EPL scorer, and there is also a prospect that he will overtake Alan Shearer, who is the 1st. He is as good at creating chances as he is at scoring. There is a record of winning the EPL assist king in the 2020-21 season. It’s like saying that both the 9th and 10th roles are possible.

It is clear that he and Eric ten Haag will fit in well. ‘Telegraph’ expected that if he wore a Manchester United uniform, he would fit well with Marcus Rashford, just as he showed a climax with Son Heung-min. Rashford went through a slump and regained his sharp look. The ‘Telegraph’ thinks that if Kane comes and fills the front line, Rashford’s ability will be maximized. 토토사이트

Van Persie also mentioned. Van Persie came to Manchester United in 2012 after peaking at Arsenal. He was the same age as Kane at the time. Van Persie made up for the scoring prowess Manchester United lacked. In doing so, he won the EPL championship in the 2012-13 season. He held the EPL trophy he wanted so much during his days at Arsenal. He reached the golden age of his career at Manchester United by winning the EPL top scorer.

At the time, when coach Alex Ferguson was looking for a striker, he agonized between the veteran Van Persie and the divine Robert Lewandowski. It is a similar situation as now. Ferguson chose Van Persie and the result was a great success. ‘Telegraph’ said, “If you bring Kane, you will get immediate benefits and build quality like Van Persie did.”

There are also points to consider. £100m is a burden even for Manchester United, and negotiations won’t be easy. Also, considering resale, it is true that Osimen is better than Kane. It is judged that Manchester United will finally set the striker first target after considering various aspects.

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