Manager Park Jeong-eun “I missed both offense and defense”

“You have to learn how to regain your own rhythm.”

Busan BNK Some, led by coach Park Jung-eun, lost 56-68 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league away match against Asan Woori Bank held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 14th.

Manager Park Jeong-eun said, “I said that I was preparing well during the All-Star break, but the rhythm of the players seems to have fallen. It took time to get the rhythm up. I think I will be able to play well against Samsung Life Insurance in Busan only when I prepare well for that part.”

On this day, BNK did not show their unique fast and exciting basketball. The score on the fast break was also only 9 points, and most of the offense was made in a stagnant situation.

Regarding this, “I said to focus on defense and rebounding first. However, Jinan and (Lee) Sohee are players who are excited when they score goals, but as they lost their defense, they couldn’t find a rhythm in attack either. I think it was a game where both rabbits were missed.”

“Both Jinan and Sohee need to learn how to get their rhythm back when the game doesn’t work out in order to go up a notch. It’s not something that can be taught on the bench. I think you will become a better player if you learn on your own.”

Ahn Hye-ji (15 points, 4 assists) and Lee So-hee (16 points, 5 rebounds) fought hard for BNK, but it was not enough to bring victory. It was painful to see that Kim Han-byeol was unable to do her part with only 5 points and 6 rebounds.

Kim Han-byul, whose lip was torn and bleeding during the game, protested strongly when he was called for a foul against the play. When he was not accepted despite several protests, he couldn’t calm his excitement easily.

Director Park Jeong-eun said, “When he loses focus on the part he has been doing, he seems to be unable to control himself well. As a result, young players also dry up together. I think we have to solve it through a meeting,” explained the reason for Kim Han-byul’s sluggish performance.

BNK conceded 24 points to Park Ji-hyeon of Woori Bank and gave up the game. Ahn Hye-ji and Lee So-hee were mismatched with Park Ji-hyun, and there were several scenes where they gave up goals under the goal without power, losing in height and power.

Manager Park Jung-eun said, “(Ahn) Hye-ji doesn’t easily allow a goal even if she is mismatched. It is because he is small in stature but has power. However, (Lee) So-hee’s efficiency drops a lot when she is mismatched. She said, “Since there are many cases where she is the target of mismatches, her defensive technique seems to be deteriorating.” 스포츠토토

Then, he expressed regret about the defense, saying, “Today, Jinan and (Kim) Hanbyeol prepared a defense that helped together from behind, but it didn’t go well.”

BNK stayed in third place with a record of 10 wins and 7 losses. If he had won, he would have missed the opportunity to rise to second place, tied with Samsung Life Insurance with 11 wins and 6 losses.

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