Mallorca, ‘SNS Unfollow’ Lee Kang-in ‘uncomfortable’…Lee Kang-in digests normal training

 The team Mallorca responded that they could not understand the behavior of Lee Kang-in, who recently unfollowed the club’s social media account.

Lee Kang-in unfollowed the Mallorca account on his social media account on the 25th (Korean time).

Then, a number of Spanish media reported, “Lee Kang-in was dissatisfied with Mallorca’s move during the transfer market,” and “Mallorca rejected two offers for Lee Kang-in.”

“The situation related to Lee Kang-in is a little tricky. Mallorca does not want to send Lee Kang-in in the winter transfer market. Mallorca’s position is that if they want Lee Kang-in, they have to pay a buyout,” he added, adding that Mallorca was trying to protect Lee Kang-in.

After that, even the specific team name was mentioned. Spanish football journalist Mateo Moreto said, “The team that has shown interest in Lee Kang-in so far is Premier League Brighton,” and Mallorca local newspaper Ultima Ora reported, “Among La Liga teams, Atletico Madrid would have offered the maximum amount possible.” .

Mallorca says it cannot understand the situation. It was said that Lee Kang-in was uncomfortable with the behavior he showed.

Spain’s Cadena Coffe said, “Mallorca has no intention of sending Lee Kang-in in a situation where they have not been able to find a replacement during the season.” 스포츠토토

He continued, “The club and Mallorca fans do not understand what is happening now. Mallorca thinks that Lee Kang-in’s agent’s actions on the negotiating table are like shaking a wasp’s nest.” We will reconsider our stance and try to make them realize that they are making mistakes.”

It is also reported that Lee Kang-in has bowed down to the firm position of the club.

The media explained, “Lee Kang-in digested the team training normally today,” and explained that there was no sabotage such as not attending training.

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