MA Kidnapping Victims Need to Get Psychosocial Therapy

The National Commission for the Protection of Children or Komnas PA said that the six-year-old child abduction victim, MA, needs to receive psychosocial therapy. Therapy is important for the mentality of victims to develop and grow normally like other children.

“I think that the first time there should be psychosocial therapy at the Supreme Court,” said Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection Arist Merdeka Sirait, via telephone network, Wednesday, January 4, 2023. 메이저사이트

In addition to psychosocial therapy, it is necessary to carry out an assessment of the needs of victims who have just been freed from kidnapping actors. He added, in that case the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Social Service, was really needed to carry out various efforts to recondition the MA.

“If reintegration is the result (implemented) by the Central Jakarta Police,” he said.

Social reintegration is the victim being turned over to the parents.

Meanwhile, the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Social Service, and the Health Service here is to carry out treatment efforts for the physical or psychological reconditioning of MA.

According to Arist, all of these agencies must come in the middle of the life of the Supreme Court after an assessment has been carried out by the Kramat Jati Police Hospital.

MA was appointed to the Kramat Jati Hospital after being found with the actor who had run away, Iwan Sumarno, 42 years old. The man was identified as a scavenger of leftovers, who fled to the Supreme Court in Gunung Sahari, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday, December 7 2022.

Iwan Sumarno alias Jacky alias Yudhi is a recidivist who was convicted and processed by law at the North Jakarta District Court in a case of obscenity of a minor with a sentence of 7 years.

“Nach, right now we are directing the victim to Kramat Jati Hospital for a post-mortem. Was there any sexual humiliation carried out by the actor?” he explained. “Our desires are not what we think they are.”

He explained that the National Commission for Child Protection together with the Central Jakarta Resort Police appealed to residents that this incident should be a lesson to families in Indonesia.

Not only lower middle class families, but cases of child abduction can also lead to upper middle class families. “Because the kidnapping goals were carried out across careers,” he said.

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