Lim Hae-na and Ye-kwan “The happy ‘Team Korea’…Olympics together!”

Ice dancers Im Hae-na and Ye-Kwan Jo, who have emerged as new promising players in Korean figure skating, collaborated with their colleagues for a silver medal at the ‘Team Trophy’ last week. The two players who created unforgettable memories dream of becoming ‘Team Korea’ at the Olympics three years later.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Joo Hae-na Lim and Ye-kwan, who wrote a new history by winning the first Junior Grand Prix in Korean ice dance history and winning the silver medal at the Junior World Championships, finished off the season with a team trophy last week.

Hae-na Lim, a dual citizen of Korea and Canada, and Kwan Ye, a Chinese-Canadian, became part of ‘Team Korea’ for the first time and achieved a silver medal.토스카지노

[Im Hae-na/National Figure Skating Representative: My older sister and older brothers took good care of us, and it was so much fun that we shouted a lot at Kiss and Cryzone and received a happy (grade).] [Lim Hae-na/National Figure Skating Representative: Thank you for coming.


With fans’ interest soaring that a fan meeting was held for the two players in Korea, where ice dancing is still unfamiliar, Ye-kwan, who is pursuing naturalization to represent Korea in the Milan Winter Olympics three years later, learns Korean and studies history in his spare time. there is.

[Ye Kwan/National Figure Skating Representative: The Korean language learned from the team trophy is “cool”]

[Ye Kwan/National Figure Skating Representative: I am learning Korean online once or twice a week, and I plan to take Korean classes during the summer semester at university.] The two

players dream of the day they will stand on the Olympic stage with their ‘Team Korea’ colleagues, whom they have become very close to. is.

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