Lifetime free admission to all MLB ballparks… a player’s dream ‘Gold Card’

Eight years to go… and a pension at 10

When Chris Stewart, 41, retired in 2019 after playing backup catcher for six Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, his “life goal” was to get a Gold Card (pictured). The Gold Card is a “lifetime pass” issued to players who have completed eight or more years of “service time. It allows the cardholder and one guest to enter all regular-season MLB ballparks for free.

Stewart never received this card after playing 12 years in the MLB. To fulfill one year of service time, a player must be on the active roster or the injured list (IL) for at least 172 days a year. Stewart fulfilled this requirement for seven years, but was 35 days shy of the eight-year mark in his final season before retiring.온라인카지노

The Athletic, a U.S. sports publication, took a look at what fans may not realize is a common goal for players in the MLB. MLB players chant “two more years” after receiving their gold cards. This is because they receive $100,000 (about KRW131.8 million) a year in pension after completing 10 years of service. Among Korean players, “Korean Express” Park Chan-ho (50) and Choo Shin-soo (41-SSG) receive the highest pensions. Of course, for players who don’t make it to MLB, the goal is to make it to MLB. Play one day in the MLB and you’ll be eligible for lifetime medical coverage.

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