Leaving Real Madrid and going to Brazil? Even the chairman who was against it changed his mind and started negotiations!

Correspondent Ban Jin-hyeok = He is in the mood to leave Real Madrid and head for the Brazilian national team.

Spanish media ‘Defensa Central’ reported on the 10th, “Coach Carlo Ancelotti can take the helm of the Brazilian national team.”

He added, “Real president Florentino Pérez has been against it, but he will meet with officials from the Brazilian Football Association this month to listen to the proposal.”

Brazil, which has the modifier of eternal championship candidates, challenged to regain the top spot for the first time in 20 years at the Qatar World Cup. 카지노사이트

Brazil’s will to win gained momentum as it formed the best atmosphere, passing first place in the group stage and defeating Korea 4-1 in the round of 16.

However, as they were caught by Croatia in the quarterfinals, the title was postponed to the next World Cup. Regarding the results, coach Chi Chi resigned and the current command tower is vacant.

Brazil started looking for a successor to the head coach. In the meantime, only domestic leaders have been appointed, but now it is known that the opinion that the atmosphere needs to be changed has been raised.

Ancelotti is a strong candidate. In the meantime, he has said that he wants to retire from his career at Real, but it is known that the proposal of the Brazilian Football Association was so attractive that he changed his mind.

Real president Pérez also read Ancelotti’s mind and plans to set up a negotiating table with the Brazilian Football Association.

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