“Lampard’s successor? NO” Bielsa, Everton manager’s first offer review 

The search for a successor to Everton manager Frank Lampard has hit an unexpected reef.

‘England soccer legend’ Coach Lampard faced a crisis as he lost 0-2 against West Ham on the 22nd, and Everton’s ranking dropped to 19th, the relegation zone, with a 10-game draw in a row, including the Cup. Eventually, the Everton club made it official on the 24th. In January of last year, after being appointed as the successor to former manager Rafael Benitez, he resigned from the Everton baton just a year later. Following his sacking, former Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa was named as a possible successor.

However, it seems that the process of appointing a successor is not going smoothly. On this afternoon, the Daily Mail, a British daily, reported that ‘Bielsa rejected Everton’s offer’. It is known that Bielsa, who was Everton’s first-choice manager candidate, has serious doubts about taking over as Everton’s head coach. 안전놀이터

It is still unknown whether Everton will persuade Bielsa or move on to the next target.

It is known that Everton has also named former manager Sam Allardyce as an option for a ‘special firefighter’. It is expected that coach Allardyce’s experience of rescuing several teams in danger of relegation will be of help to Everton right away. After being appointed as manager Ronald Koeman’s successor in the 2017-2018 season, Allardyce took charge of Everton, which was in danger of relegation, for six months, and had the experience of finishing the season in 8th place.

The name of former Burnley coach Sean Dychi is also on the rise, but it is predicted that the Everton board of directors will not be able to resist the Burnley coach Daichi.

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