Korean Go ‘Imoogi’ has emerged as the best professional trainer in Japan

‘Imoogi’, who left Korea with the regret of not being able to achieve his dream of becoming a pro, is building a legend as the best professional training expert in the Japanese Go world with a high nose. It is 4th dan Hong Malgeunsaem (42, Japanese name 洪淸泉), who has produced 29 elite professional knights with a total of 91 dan in less than 20 years after the signboard of Hongdojang in Tokyo in 2005. I met him after returning to Korea after 4 years due to the corona crisis.

“The sage Ichiriki and the challenger Shibano are both my students. Before the challenge started, I told them, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the game’, and both of them said, ‘Teacher, I understand your feelings’. We are only checking the match results.” This is the story of the 7th period of the ongoing Japanese top title Kisungjeon. Hirata, the holder of a pear from Ahamdong, and Fujisawa, the strongest woman, are also from the red dojo.

In his domestic days, he was synonymous with bad luck. Although he has won 18 amateur championships, his six attempts to join have ended in failure. In the end, he gave up his professional career with his research student dropout, but he could not leave the world of baduk.

The turning point was meeting Japanese veteran trainer Kikuchi (菊池康郞) when he finished runner-up at the 2002 World Amateur Championships. He was impressed by the advice related to raising children, and in 2004 went to Japan (渡日).

However, no one paid attention to the unknown young amateur in Korea. First of all, professional Dan certificate was required, but the Nippon Kiwon board of directors did not allow foreigners to participate in the competition. In 2009, when he won the runner-up in a tournament where pros and amateurs competed together, the Kwanseo Kiwon gave him qualifications as a training engineer through a test period. In 2012, he was finally promoted to Jeonggishi (正棋士).

The Kansai origin is in Osaka, and the Hongdojang is in Tokyo. Moving between the two locations was a huge waste of time. Hong Sunny Sam decided to devote herself to nurturing her disciples and submitted a leave of absence to Kansai in 2019. She gave up her own country.

Still, her doubts remain. How could an unknown foreign amateur achieve Japan’s best dojo? What is the secret that made legends such as Yamashita, Zhang Xu, and Hane scramble to entrust the second generation to themselves? “I approached everyone I met with sincerity. Because trust was built up, the road was visible.” Due to her extraordinary affinity, she even served as Vice President of the Frogi Society for two years.

“Communication is all the more necessary for the alumni, who are weighed down by her competitive stress,” she says. He forms a team of 7 or 8 people with her students and walks about 40 km from Tokyo to Yokohama together. “If you listen to a story seriously, the core that has built up will be released and her expression will open up.” Solving life and death problems is also played like a game by forming a team. It is also a tradition unique to Hongdojang, such as extreme mountain training and training camp twice a year. 메이저사이트

Every year, he holds a children’s contest under his name in both Korea and Japan. In 2011, it has been 10 years since her father, Mr. Hong Shi-shim, and half appeared, starting ‘The Strongest Battle of Clear Spring Children’. “I made it with the feeling of repaying the debt that grew through the competition.” This visit was also made to inspect this year’s competition. In Japan, since 2020, ‘Shusai Children’s Strongest Battle’ has been held.

“When I first set foot in Japan, I was really at a loss. He even regretted learning Go… . But it is also baduk that made it possible for me to meet various people and advance toward my dreams.” He said that his future challenges are to fill 100 students of professional players and to establish a platform where the whole world can share happiness by connecting with Go.

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