‘Korean Air → Taegeuk Mark’ Young Gun trio, Asian high-flying notice

The three national volleyball players, Lim Dong-hyeok (24), Jung Han-yong (22), and Kim Min-jae (20), lead their team Korean Air and challenge for Asian domination.

On the 12th (local time), Lim Dong-hyuk, Jeong Han-yong, and Kim Min-jae did weight training at a health club in Manama, Bahrain. Together with his teammates, he is preparing for the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship.

This tournament is an international tournament hosted by the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC). Men’s volleyball teams from Asian countries representing 메이저사이트 16 countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Mongolia, Australia, and Indonesia will participate.

Korean Air was placed in Group A. Starting with the first match against Australia on the 14th, 7 matches will be played over 8 days until the 21st.

Player Han and Kyu-min Kim were left out to adjust their condition. There is no foreign player Lincoln, who is the main gun. Because of this, the roles of Lim Dong-hyuk, Jeong Han-yong, and Kim Min-jae became important.

Im Dong-hyuk said, “I will run with a sense of responsibility as the team’s ace. I will achieve good results by utilizing the synergy between young players.”

Clubs in some countries, such as Bahrain, participate by raising their strength through short-term recruitment of famous players. Lim Dong-hyuk said, “I’ve heard of a few players who are the main players. It seems that many club teams attach great importance to this tournament.” I want to,” he said.

Jeong Han-yong said, “This tournament is a big opportunity for us too. It’s a very good experience. We’ll do our best without getting hurt.” As for the goal of this tournament, he emphasized, “Last season, (Kwak) Seung-seok played a little bit as an older brother. I will pay more attention to the receiving side.”

Kim Min-jae said, “I came as a Korean representative after a long time, and everyone seems to be having fun. Half excited and half excited.”

Regarding Dmitri Mushalski, who plays for the Suntory Sunbirds in the Japanese league, he said, “If you play with good players, you will learn a lot.”

After the tournament, Kim Min-jae, along with Kim Gyu-min, Lim Dong-hyuk, and Jeong Han-yong, will move to the Jincheon National Training Center to join the national team. He said, “If I get good results in Bahrain, I think my skills and confidence will increase a lot.

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