Kim Joon-il, who complained bitterly to the selection, “breathing with Marey is a harvest”

 “The encouraging thing is that there are things that don’t match while playing with Marey for a long time, but the harvest of today’s (3rd) game is that we even tied the score in the 2nd quarter rather than worrying.”

Changwon LG defeated Wonju DB 76-74 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball home game held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 3rd. With the victory on this day, LG ran through the season and 4 consecutive wins at home, recording 24 wins and 13 losses, maintaining sole second place.

The start was not good. There were a lot of mistakes, and after failing to shoot, DB’s long-term fast attack was allowed one after another. 3 minutes and 15 seconds after the start of the game, he requested an operation time. Kwan-hee Lee, Dong-seop Lim, and Justin Gutang were put in to try to change the flow. Still, they trailed 4-16. LG, which could not narrow the score gap, was dragged to a 17-point gap in the middle of the second quarter, 19-36.

LG, which overturned the same 17-point inferiority in Seoul SK and won a come-from-behind victory, showed its concentration from this point on. By the beginning of the 3rd quarter, he scored 19 points in a row and even turned around. When Yoon Won-sang’s 3-point shot broke through the stuffy perimeter, he led by 62-54, 8 points, but when the 3-point shot fell silent again, it was reversed again to 73-74.

LG presented home fans with another thrilling come-from-behind victory with Lee Jae-do’s final goal.

If Yoon Won-sang scored 18 points in about 8 minutes from the middle of the 3rd quarter to the middle of the 4th quarter, Kim Joon-il not only focused on narrowing the gap when he was 17 points inferior, but also scored 17 points whenever it was important in the 3rd and 4th quarters. .

After winning that day, Kim Jun-il said, “I feel burdened because I feel like I’m entering the first quarter wide open, but it’s good that the home win rate has improved, and the opponent team was a DB that was running 4 consecutive wins, but it feels good to win in a match between winning teams. He said, “I just need to settle the situation with Lee Jae-do, a member of the 1st quarter.”

Even if Lee Jae-do made 5 mistakes and was sluggish, he scored 10 points including the final score and delivered 7 assists.

Kim Joon-il laughed and said, “I tried to put it in because I had a good feeling, but it hit the backboard and fell off (Kim Joon-il took an offensive rebound after a failed shot, which eventually led to Lee Jae-do’s final score)” and laughed, “I’ll talk about that again. He would say that he scored the winning goal, but if he is the team’s point guard, I’d say do it right in the first quarter. Saying something you don’t like every day. He says that only players who have consecutive appearances (setting records) and run (a lot) are criticized. You shouldn’t do that in the first quarter after setting a good record, such as consecutive appearances. I will strongly reprimand you. I am happy that the players such as Lee Kwan-hee, me, Gutang, and Cunningham, who played in the second quarter, overturned the mess the players made in the first quarter and won.”

When he said that it was another 17 points difference, like the game against SK, which he had struggled to win, Kim Jun-il said, “I tend to talk a lot on the bench, but at that time, I cursed a lot at the players who appeared in the first quarter, asking what they were doing. In the last 4-5 games, in the first quarter, I have never gone similarly, as if I was behind by more than 10 points.” Today, it happened from 4-16. It’s mentally tough, isn’t it? Kwan-hee hyung and I are put in to change the atmosphere. The burden is great, but I overturned the game again and won a lot, so even after cursing, I go beyond taking responsibility and enjoy it.”

When asked if he had a strong sense of responsibility to make up for the sluggish selection, Kim Joon-il said, “I did have a strong sense of responsibility. I don’t want to feel responsible because I’ve been doing that for the last few games, but I can’t help but feel responsible.” is,” he said.

Kim Joon-il, who mainly plays as a substitute, can increase his value even more if he pulls a turnaround in a game where he is being dragged.

Kim Jun-il said, “I don’t think so. Whether it is a starter or not, this season is a season in which he plays after suffering a major injury. It was said that Jang Jae-seok hyung was seriously injured and it took a long time for his body to come up. The injured part is different, but it was a shocking injury,” he said. “I think so too. As I went through this season, my body got better, and I think next year it will be even better. Whether it’s a selection or not, I play the game happily without complaint about the coach’s appointment.”

If DB puts Kang Sang-jae, Kim Jong-gyu, and foreign players together, it boasts a considerable height.

Kim Jun-il said, “I don’t know if it’s because I started playing basketball late, but I feel pressure when a small player joins. Kang Sang-jae is also high, Jong-gyu hyung is high, and foreign players are also high. If you do a triple post, it looks like it’s very high and you can’t attack under the goal, but I attacked from the inside to break that line of sight.” Marey told me to attack under the net because he was good at attacking the post. So he did it confidently,” he looked back. 바카라

Kim Jun-il, who spent a lot of time with Dante Cunningham at the beginning of the season, also looked forward to playing with Asem Marey. There are many such opportunities these days. Kim Jun-il explained his breathing at length when playing with Marei.

“The pattern continues to fit. When I see Jaesuk hyung and Prim, and Ham Jihoon hyung and Prim playing in Hyundai Mobis’ games, they take the lead in attacking the post. In the first quarter, Jaesuk hyung persistently tries to attack under the goal. And when Ji-hoon plays with his brother, Prim actively does it.

Looking at this kind of rotation, I thought that Marey and I could take it with a similar concept. If Marey rolls from the high post, my defense will sag (to Marey) out of the ball, and I’ll have a chance. When I caught the ball at the high post, I always thought of playing a two-man game by either confidently attacking or taking it off.

A few good scenes came out today. Even if I couldn’t put it in, Marey kept telling me to try. Even if I attack, foreign players come to help and defend. I had a tendency to throw it because I didn’t like it, but there were quite a few scenes where Marey caught it and threw it.

I am doing research while watching Hyundai Mobis basketball. Today, I deliberately ran a lot with Marey. When we played together in the remaining games, we had to play trustworthy plays so that Marey and I would be appointed for a long time.”

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