‘Kickboxing showdown’ Myung Hyeon-man vs. Hwang In-soo, fighting for hundreds of millions of dollars in fight money

Hwang In-soo (29, FREE), the ‘Road FC middleweight champion’ and Myung Hyun-man (38, Myeong-hyeon-man multi-gym), who have a kickboxing showdown that transcends their weight class, receive 100 million won in fight money and enter the cage go up

On the 14th, Road FC chairman Jung Moon-hong revealed the rules and fight money of the kickboxing match between Hwang In-soo and Myung-hyun at Goobne ROAD FC 063 held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th through his personal YouTube channel. The match between Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyeon-man is based on kickboxing rules and lasts for 3 rounds of 4 minutes. Since various factors had to be considered, Road FC paid a lot of attention to the game rules.

Regarding the rules of the match, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong explained, “There is a difference in weight class, so knee kicks are limited to one kick.” “There is no elbow. The reason why there is no elbow is that each country has a broadcast review,” he said. “In Korea, these parts cannot be completely free.”

In response to questions about fighter money, Chairman Jung Moon-hong answered. He said, “At least 60 million won in fight money per player starts as a minimum.” In addition, he confessed, “If you organize those parts, more than 60 million won is the ability of the two players,” and “So there will be players over 100 million won, and there will be players who are slightly out of 100 million won.” 스포츠토토

Chairman Jung Moon-hong also mentioned an unlimited level tournament. Prior to the recent match between Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyeon-man, the first Double G FC heavyweight champion Kim Myeong-hwan (26, Extreme Combat) expressed his intention, saying, “I want to play against the fighter who won between Hwang In-soo and Myung-hyeon-man.” In this tournament, Kim Myung-hwan faces off against the “monster wrestler” Shim Geon-oh (34, Kim Dae-hwan MMA).

Regarding this, Chairman Jung Moon-hong said, “I think Kim Myung-hwan gave me a good item.” Then, he left the possibility open, saying, “Besides the 4 fighters Kim Myung-hwan mentioned, there is a sufficient pool of players, so I thought it wouldn’t be bad to invite those players and foreign players to a quarterfinal tournament.”

President Jung Mun-Hong added, “In fact, among Korean players who weigh 84kg in a match, the average weight is a little over 100kg.”

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