KGC returned to the starting point of the match… Game 7 Champ Covered

In Game 6 of the professional basketball championship match, Anyang KGC returned to square one with a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Seoul SK.

In the 4th quarter, Monroe and Byun Jun-hyung’s performance stood out.

There is only one game left to decide on the throne this season.

This is Reporter Kwak Joon-young.


Seoul SK, who will drive the momentum and end it with this game, and Anyang KGC, who can’t allow other people’s parties in their home.

From the start, the match was sparked.

In KGC, Spellman was responsible for 10 points, including two scoring points, in the first quarter alone, and SK counterattacked with Warney’s main weapon, ‘Floater’ successive successes.

The first quarter ended in a 22-22 tie in a tight flow.

In the second quarter, a one-step battle continued.

When Byung-jun Bae scored 8 points with a layup and 3-point shot, SK counterattacked with ‘double artillery’ attacks such as Warney’s dunk and Kim Seon-hyung’s outer gun.

The 3rd quarter, which started with SK’s narrow lead, blocked KGC’s pass many times and gained the upper hand in the rebound fight, gradually increasing the score.

Warney won the 1:1 fight with Spellman, who was proud of himself, and added 3 points, widening the gap to 15 points with 1 minute left, and the victory seemed to be leaning towards SK.크크크벳

However, the game changed completely in the fourth quarter.

KGC narrowed the score with Monroe’s consecutive points, and eventually Byun Jun-hyung tied the score with a jump shot and overturned the game with a five-point shot.

KGC, who scored a whopping 30 points in the 4th quarter, eventually defeated SK 86-77 at home.

<Byeon Jun-hyung / Anyang KGC> “I thought that the game would be finished only when I solved it, so I think it went well for me to attack aggressively. We will work hard at the end of the 7th game to make it a good memory.”

Whether SK’s 2nd consecutive loss or KGC’s season-wide win will be covered in the last 7th game on Sunday.

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