KBL begins 19-day protective measures for former Goyang Day One player

The Korean Basketball League (KBL), the governing body of professional basketball, will start taking practical measures to protect former Day One Sports players from the 19th.

The KBL announced on the 17th that it has decided to start supporting former Day One Sports players in earnest from the 19th, the day they start training (60 days after the end of the season).

Prior to this, the KBL explained future measures to the players after a general meeting on the expulsion of Day One Sports on the 16th, including guaranteeing all 18 players’ playing lives.

The players will begin training as soon as they have finalized the agreement with the Goyang Gymnasium, which they have been using. Preparations for emergency living funds and salary payments will be made, as well as measures to hold Day One Sports accountable.

In addition, the KBL said, “Efforts to find a company to acquire the players in bulk will be in full swing, and we plan to receive support and cooperation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.”메이저사이트

The KBL expelled the Day One Pro Basketball Team through a general meeting on the 16th. Day One, which acquired the Goyang Orion Basketball Team after the 2021-22 season ended, lost its membership in the KBL through expulsion for the first time since the league’s inception due to financial problems such as late payment of KBL membership fees, non-payment of player salaries, and non-payment of the purchase price for the Orion Basketball Team.

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