Kang-yomi is ‘more than 3 years’ VS Chelsea is ‘2 years offer’… Can we find an agreement?

N’Golo Kante (Chelsea)’s contract renewal negotiations are underway, but no conclusion has been reached yet.

Kante has made a name for himself as a key midfielder for Chelsea and a world-class midfielder. However, he has recently been out of action due to an injury. It is true that he has not been of great help to Chelsea this season. Kante’s contract ends in the coming summer, and there are many transfer rumors, including the transfer of Al Nasr.

In this situation, Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’ reported that Kante and Chelsea are confronting due to the renewal period. 바카라사이트

According to the media, Kante is asking for a contract of more than three years, and Chelsea has offered a two-year contract extension. Kante has yet to accept an offer from the club.

The media hoped that the situation would proceed positively. The media reported: “There is uncertainty, but the negotiations will go positive. Kante and Chelsea have been negotiating a new contract for over a year, and it is expected that he will sign a new contract soon. It is highly likely that Kante will remain at Chelsea.”

“Kante is undoubtedly the player Chelsea needs. He is loved by Chelsea fans. There is no way Chelsea will just let him go. More than anything, they want Kante to stay at Chelsea. “It’s positive. There’s a good chance that Kante will accept an offer from Chelsea.”

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