Kang Baek-ho live-action forward, popular in the trade market

Vanderbilt is getting a lot of attention. 

Tony Jones, Utah Jazz reporter for The Athletic, reported on Jared Vanderbilt on the 6th (Korean time). 

Vanderbilt, out of the University of Kentucky, entered the NBA with the 41st overall pick in the 2018 draft. Vanderbilt, who came from a low-ranking draft, was a player who did not stand out very much in his debut, but he is gradually expanding his position by not missing the opportunity that came to him. 

Vanderbilt, who moves around the court based on his activity level, is a player that reminds me of Kang Baek-ho’s character in ‘Slam Dunk’. Based on his excellent jumping ability, he actively participates in rebounding and has a strong point in attacking and rebounding. 

In addition, Vanderbilt, which has a variety of defensive versatility that can block even the guard position, is one of the key cards in the team’s defense. Even if his offensive skills are monotonous, he has many positive effects on the team, so he is a Vanderbilt who is trusted by the manager.

Vanderbilt, who has no major problems adapting to the team after the transfer, is averaging 8.3 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2.7 assists in Utah this season. His assists nearly doubled from last season, and his outside shot attempts also increased significantly this season. He’s making 1.1 3-pointers per game, putting up a 33.3 percent success rate. 메이저사이트

Currently, it is no exaggeration to say that most of Utah’s players are tradeable, except for Lauri Makkanen and Walker Kessler. Among them, Vanderbilt is the most popular player. This is Vanderbilt, which was already plagued by trade rumors even before the start of the season. Reporter Jones reports that Utah has received offers from several teams for Vanderbilt. 

Journalist Jones said, “Jared Vanderbilt is the Utah player most likely to move before the trade deadline. Utah has received several offers for Vanderbilt.”

Vanderbilt has recently stepped down from the starting position and is scrambled off the bench in the process of organizing rotations with Makkanen and Kessler. Participation time is also slightly reduced. That’s why the claim that the trade possibility is high is more powerful. 

Portland and the Lakers are being discussed as potential destinations for Vanderbilt. How will the future of Vanderbilt, which has emerged as a hot topic in the trade market, be decided?

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