Jung Chan-min and Bang Shin-sil, who opened the ‘long hitter era’ of Korean golf, the golf course resilience continued with an exciting tee shot

#1 The 9th hole (par 5) of the first round of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour and Asian Tour GS Caltex Maekyung Open held at Namseoul Country Club on May 4th. The ball hit by Jeong Chan-min (24) flew 340 yards (approximately 311m). He hit the pin with a wedge shot and caught the ‘Eagle of Heaven’.

#2. Hole 4 (par 5) on the final day of the NH Investment & Securities Championship of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour held at Suwon Country Club on May 12. Bang Shin-sil (19) left 215 yards (approximately 197m) and passed the giant tree with iron number 4 and attached it next to the pin. She birdied with 2 on. It was like watching a men’s tour match.

Chan-Min Jeong, the highest distance record in an official tournament is 405 yards.

Chan-Min Jung and Shin-Shil Bang are recently catching the attention of golf fans as ‘long hitters’ in the Korean men’s and women’s professional golf world. Both of them are from the national team, and they have a common point in that they have strong basic skills as well as long hits. In particular, ‘Physical’ plays a part in both. Jeong Chan-min is 188cm and 115kg. When I asked Jung Chan-min about the secret of his long hit, he replied, “Isn’t it strange that he has such a physique and can’t hit the distance?” Bang Shin-sil is also 173 cm tall. Of course, if you are tall or have a lot of weight, it is an advantageous condition for hitting a long hit, but this is not necessarily the case. 

The 175cm, 73kg Rory McIlroy (34, Northern Ireland) ranks first in the PGA Tour driving rankings. McIlroy, who won the CJ Cup this season, has won 23 times in his career. In fact, on the PGA Tour, long hits are a prerequisite for winning. Most world rankers belong to long hitters. Wyndham Clark (29, USA), who won the PGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship on May 8, flew up to 398 yards (about 364m). The pro who ignited the long-hit competition is Greg Norman (68), ‘Australia’s Great White Shark’. Norman had predicted that “the PGA Tour will be a war of long hits going forward.” After that, the pros risked life and death to increase the distance. 

Like Bryson DeChambeau (30, USA), a “geeky long hitter”, he easily increased his distance to over 400 yards by increasing his muscle mass and weight. Choi Kyung-joo (53), who has won 8 victories on the PGA Tour, said, “The reason it is difficult for me to reach the top of the world rankings is because I cannot beat world-class players in long hits.” In addition, this was also a handicap in Korean golf. 

Jung Chan-min, who joined the pro in 2019, won the GS Caltex Maekyung Open championship in his 19th tournament after going through the Srixon Tour and debuting on the Korean Tour last year. Jung Chan-min has already informed the people around him that ‘a tree that has the potential to grow is different from the cotyledon.’ In fact, winning the Maekyung Open is not a surprise. Jung Chan-min has been a player who has caught the attention of the domestic golf community since his high school days. He played for the national team in 2017 and 2018, and joined the pros in 2019 to shine on the Srixon Tour. Although he is somewhat less accurate, he has the driving distance to catch an eagle or birdie at any time. With a swing speed of 124 miles, Jeong Chan-min’s official tournament distance record is a whopping 405 yards (approximately 370m). He has an unofficial record of 416 yards. His club was first caught in his freshman year of elementary school. Regarding the secret to long hits, Jeong Chan-min said, “Golfers think that hitting the ball hard will go far. It is important to swing without power. Hitting the ball accurately is the key. To do this, you need to do strength training regularly.” 

Bang Sin-sil, a female golfer who sprinted more than 300 yards,

Bang Sin-sil was a promising star in the spotlight during her national team days, but she had to overcome difficult times. He is currently a conditional seed player on the KLPGA Tour. Shinsil, who is heavily armed with a driver full of power, appeared in three KLPGA tour matches and competed for championships with her seniors in two matches, clearly impressing golf fans. 

Bang Shin-sil has a swing speed of 107 mph. It’s as fast as a man’s. It hits 300 yards at this speed. At the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, he hit a whopping 320 yards. In the long hit rankings of this season on the KLPGA Tour, Kim Su-ji is ranked first with 259 yards (approximately 237m). Kim A-rim, well-known as the longest hitter among Korean female golfers, is currently ranked 16th in the LPGA with an official 274 yards (approximately 251m). Although he is not included in the official rankings as he is not a player on the 1st tour, it shows how overwhelming the 320-yard distance of Bang Sin-sil is. If Bang Shin-sil hits long with the driver like this, he can use 4 clubs smaller than other players on his next shot, giving him a huge advantage. It is easy to imagine his long hitting power when he hits a driver on a par 4 hole and solves most of his second shots with wedge shots.

Bang Sin-sil was not a long hitter from the beginning. During his time with the national team, he struggled after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He lost 10 kg in weight. He wasn’t even good at golf. Since Bang Shin-sil played the national team for three years, he knew how to easily enter the KLPGA regular tour. However, he was only ranked 40th in the seed match, and now he is invited to participate in the regular tour. Above all else, he focused on getting the distance to match his height. He started doing ‘hift turns’ to get the most out of his torso, especially since he knew he had to hit far to survive on the pro tour.

He also worked hard to build his body, increasing his muscle mass through his strength training. Bang Sin-sil received a conditional seed for this year’s KLPGA tour and is also on the first and second part (dream) tour. However, the interesting fact is that the first part of the tour was better than the dream tour. He only finished in the top 10 once in five events on the second tour, but finished in the top ten twice in three events on the first tour. They also competed for the championship, but were pushed back at the last minute and tied for 3rd and 4th places. Even as an amateur, Bang Sin-sil participated in the first professional tour and achieved better results. The reason why his performance did not come out well is because he corrected his swing in the beginning of the season and did not come out with accurate shots.  메이저놀이터

Bang Sin-sil, who appeared like a comet on the KLPGA, is unlikely to settle down on the KLPGA tour until the second half of this season. In order to be recognized for the prize money ranking, you must participate more than 30%. Of course, by earning 112 million won in prize money, you can easily get the right to participate next year. Bang Sin-sil said, “Long hits are not everything in golf, and it is necessary to be armed with a strong mentality to reach the top level.” He expressed his aspirations, saying, “After winning the championship in Korea, I plan to advance to the LPGA tour.” 

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