Jeju Utd achieves 500 team wins… 5th in K-League history

Jeju United FC has built a golden tower of 500 wins in the K-League.

Jeju won 1-0 thanks to Seo Jin-soo’s winning goal in the 31st minute of the second half in the 9th round away match held yesterday (26th) at Gwangju Soccer Stadium.

The meaning of this victory was great.

This is because it was the 500th victory achieved by Jeju, the original K-League member.

The meaning of 500 wins is great.

So far, it was a record only Ulsan (612 wins), Pohang (583 wins), Seoul (543 wins), and Busan (510 wins) had, but Jeju achieved the feat for the 5th time in K-League history.

In particular, since the 2020 season when manager Nam Ki-il took the helm, Jeju has been setting meaningful records every season.

In the case of coach Nam Ki-il, he achieved the record for most promotions (3 times), 100 wins in his career, and 300 games in his coaching career in Jeju alone.메이저사이트

Coach Nam Ki-il said, “I am very happy that I was able to set a record of 500 wins as a team in Jeju, where I was active during my active career. To the players and the secretariat who always do their best despite the difficult journey, and to the fans and residents of Jeju, the 12th player who plays together until the end. I want to say thank you.”

All that remains is a home win.

Jeju has played 4 of 9 games at home this season, including the opening game, but unfortunately failed to win all of them.

Jeju’s next home game will be against Pohang on May 6th.

If the joy of the team’s 500 wins and the support of the recently increasing number of fans are added, news of home game victories is expected to spread soon.

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