Jamsil Dome New Construction ‘Six Years of Living’ Controversy? Director Lee Seung-Yup “Considering the specificity of Seoul’s geography, the audience should be comfortable”

Doosan Bears head coach Lee Seung-yeop commented on the new Jamsil Dome and the ‘six-year controversy’. Lee emphasized that the team should create an environment where spectators, including opposing teams, can watch comfortably, even if it is difficult.

On September 18, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced plans to build the Jamsil Dome ballpark. The plan is to build an enclosed dome stadium with up to 30,000 seats on the site of the current Jamsil Stadium, along with hotel accommodations overlooking the ballpark.

The timeframe for the new Jamsil Dome is quite long. After demolishing the existing Jamsil Stadium in 2026, construction will begin in 2027 and be completed by the end of 2031. Doosan and LG, who use Jamsil Stadium as their home, will only be able to play their home games there until the 2024 and 2025 seasons, and the ballpark will have to be vacated.

Doosan and LG’s most desired temporary use scenario for Jamsil Dome would be to renovate Jamsilju Stadium, which is located right next to Jamsil Stadium. The idea was to temporarily convert Jamsilju Stadium, which is mainly used as a soccer field, general stadium, and concert venue, into a baseball stadium to host home games without inconveniencing the existing baseball fans of both clubs.

However, it seems that the Seoul Metropolitan Government has effectively rejected the two clubs’ most desired scenario, citing safety concerns. Considering the large-scale construction of the MICE project in the Jamsil Sports Complex, including the Jamsil Dome, it is considered unsafe to bring a large number of spectators to the Jamsil main stadium.

The city of Seoul has even mentioned using Gocheok Dome and Mokdong Stadium, as well as Suwon Katie Wise Park and Munhak SSG Landers Field in the Seoul metropolitan area, as temporary home stadiums. However, this is a highly unrealistic option.

Doosan and LG are also confused by the sudden announcement of Seoul’s Jamsil Dome and the direction of the temporary stadium. The two clubs are expected to form a task force to jointly respond to the new Jamsil Dome and temporary stadium relocation, amid reports that communication between Seoul and the two clubs has been poor and one-way for a long time.

Coach Lee Seung-yup also commented on the issue of the new Jamsil-dome the day before. Speaking to reporters ahead of the September 19 game against the Jamsil NC Dinos, Lee said, “Yesterday (September 18), I looked at various articles about the new Jamsil Dome. The most important thing is that the spectators who come to watch baseball should feel comfortable watching the game. The crowd culture is very mature and developed, so we need to consider that aspect.”메이저놀이터

Another issue is that Jamsil Stadium, shared by Doosan and LG, is the center of the KBO’s success. The number of away fans traveling to the stadium is a big factor.

“We also have to take into account the geographical uniqueness of Seoul. Not only our Doosan fans, but also the fans of the opposing team visit Jamsil Stadium. It is important to provide a comfortable environment for traveling and watching. I would like the team to prioritize that, even if it’s not the players first.”

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