Is the referee assaulting the player? Robertson claims “the assistant referee hit me”… Investigation of the judging body

A situation in which a dangerous injury could result came out between the player and the referee.

Liverpool drew 2-2 in their home game against Arsenal in the 30th round of the 2022/23 season Premier League held at Anfield in Liverpool, England on the 10th (Korean time).

Liverpool seemed to be collapsing by conceding consecutive goals to Arsenal at the beginning of the game, but Mohamed Salah’s pursuit goal in the 42nd minute of the first half and Roberto Firmino’s equalizer in the 42nd minute of the second half balanced the game and succeeded in drawing. 

Regardless of the result of the match, the assistant referee’s violent behavior made the players themselves feel threatened and the fans had to frown. 메이저사이트

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 10th that “Andy Robertson talked about getting his elbow on his neck. 

” .. Robertson was completely stunned at this scene,” he said. 

In the video released by The Sun, Dakis Haji is seen following Robertson, checking Ozai, and swinging his right elbow toward Robertson’s face.

Afterward, Robertson protested against it, but referee Tierney gave Robertson a warning instead. 

“The assistant referee hit me in the neck with his elbow,” Robertson said in a post-match press conference, emphasizing that it was definitely a problematic situation.

It is shocking that a referee hit a player. Although there have been clashes between referees and players, as in the case of Mitrović, who was sent off for taking strong action against the referee in the last game against Manchester United and Fulham, it is extremely rare for a referee to hit a player directly. 

Most recently, there was a case in which a referee hit a player’s heart in the Mexican professional football league, and the case received a lot of criticism. If it is confirmed that Hajidakis also hit Robertson, it seems difficult to avoid discipline and criticism.

The England Referees Management Organization (PGMOL) also reacted immediately to the seriousness of the situation. PGMOL announced that it would investigate the assistant referee’s assault after the game, and expressed its position that if there was an assault, it would be dealt with properly. 

If the Premier League, which has been criticized for the frequent cases of unreasonable judgments related to referee decisions, is once again at the center of controversy due to referees’ violent behavior, the hostility of fans and clubs to the Premier League referees is expected to grow even more. 

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