Invitation to the ‘Feast of the Stars’ received as a sub “We also came to the All-Star Game!”

Although not officially selected for the All-Star Game, there are players who came to Incheon for the contest.

Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game pre-event ‘Pre All Star Game’ was held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on the 28th. As a pre-event schedule, the ‘Spike Serve King & Queen Contest Preliminaries’ was held.

One player from each team participated and three players were selected to advance to the finals. While most of the players selected for the All-Star Game represented their teams, there were also players who came to the field just for the contest.

In the women’s division, unlike IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Santana (registered name Santana) and Heungkuk Life Insurance Jung Yun-ju participated.

Santana said, “She is so happy to be in the All-Star game and I think it is a great opportunity. It’s nice to see foreign players playing together in the V-League,” said Yunju Jung. Still, I’m glad it came out better than expected,” she said.

The results of the two players were different. Santana’s challenge came to an end in the heats, as she finished with errors on both attempts. She said, “I worked hard, but the results are very disappointing. However, as she can always happen in volleyball, she wants to put significance on her participation,” she expressed regret.

She wasn’t successful, but every time she served, fans cheered for Santana. Santana said, “It was embarrassing that so many fans came,” but she said, “Thanks to the excitement and support, it became a good memory.”

Jung Yun-joo rose to first place with an 81km strong serve. Last season, after participating in the Spike Serve Queen Contest, she unfortunately placed second, so she is ready to take revenge. He said, “I thought a lot about whether I could pass the preliminary round, but it really came out rather than worrying. To be a bit greedy, I came second last season, so I want to try first place this year.”

There were regrets after wearing the team uniform, but both Santana and Jung Yun-ju expressed positive thoughts. Santana said, “I was envious of the prettiness of the All-Star game uniform, but it is an honor to be able to represent the team while showing the IBK Industrial Bank logo in a large size. I feel like I have become the biggest fan of IBK Industrial Bank,” he said with a laugh.

Jung Yun-ju said, “I feel regretful because I wore the club uniform instead of the All-Star game uniform both times. However, there are still many opportunities left, so I want to take a long look and try again.” 먹튀검증

Lastly, I did not forget the resolution for this season. Santana said, “I want to show consistent performance in all areas. I will continue to work hard and show a high level of volleyball,” said Jung Yun-ju, “I don’t play games often, but I will work hard outside and play well even if I enter.”

In the men’s division, Hong Dong-seon of Hyundai Capital and Bae Sang-jin of KB Insurance were both on the list of candidates for the All-Star Game, but unfortunately were not selected. Nevertheless, for the Spike Serve King title, he wore a team uniform rather than an All-Star uniform.

Hong Dong-seon, who participated in the Spike Serve King Contest for two consecutive years, said, “I was informed that I was participating suddenly. A lot of fans came and thanks to the response, I was less nervous,” Bae Sang-jin said, “I came because the director told me to leave. I hit as I hit, but I’m glad I succeeded.”

The results were disappointing. Both Hong Dong-seon attempts failed as the serve went out of the court. He said, “I tried to put it on the court as it was my second appearance, but it was difficult because it was my first gym because I used to go to the gym a lot.”

Bae Sang-jin succeeded in one of his two attempts, but finished the challenge in the preliminary round, failing to rank in the rankings. Bae Sang-jin said, “I was so nervous that I couldn’t see the ball.”

As much as he finished in a short time, it was a big regret. Both players said, “Next year, after being selected for the All-Star Game, I will confidently challenge myself. I am confident that I will work hard at the ceremony as well.”

Hong Dong-seon and Bae Sang-jin, who are receiving occasional opportunities as one-point servers and outside heaters. We want to show a better performance in the remaining regular league. Hong Dong-seon said, “We entered the second half. Now, since the role of backup players is important, I will work hard as an atmosphere maker.

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