In Seongnam, where father Shin Tae-yong is a ‘legend’… Shin Jae-won “What can I do to be born like this”

 “What can I do to be born like this?”

Seongnam FC Shin Jae-won is always labeled as the son of Indonesian soccer team coach Shin Tae-yong. He is like the fate of a second-generation footballer. Especially since Shin Tae-yong walked the path of a Seongnam legend. Such Shin Jae-won will play in the Seongnam uniform from this season. Shin Jae-won was a promising prospect even during his school days. However, on his professional stage, he has yet to show his full potential.

Shin Jae-won made his debut in the K-League through FC Seoul in the 2019 season, but failed to take his place. After that, he went through Ansan Greeners ~ Suwon FC, but he did not have many opportunities to play. That’s how his father came to Seongnam where he played 401 games and scored 99 goals and provided 68 assists. Coach Shin only played in Seongnam in the K-League. 안전놀이터

Seongnam is also a meaningful place for Shin Jae-won. He attended the media camp held at Namhae Sports Parktel on the 2nd and said, “I think I will live close to the stadium in the entire team. There are many father’s old Seongnam uniforms at home. I think the feeling will be different when I stand at Tancheon Sports Complex, the home stadium of Seongnam.” Shin Jae-won calmly accepts the label of being the son of director Shin, who always follows him around. He said, “There is a sense of pressure. But what about being born that way? It would be nice if he played football as much as his father, but he will try to reach that level,” he laughed.

Coach Shin, who is also a soccer senior, is said to give advice to his son. Shin Jae-won said, “My father often says, ‘You have to have confidence’. He did well in his school days. But it didn’t work out well in pro. As a result, I felt intimidated and my confidence continued to drop. He said his father said that the difference in skill is a piece of paper and the difference in confidence. That advice helped.”

Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung said to Shin Jae-won, “He has the advantage of being excellent at finishing. He evaluated that it would be better if he further complemented his aggressiveness and earnestness.” Shin Jae-won said, “I want to accumulate as many attack points as possible by participating steadily this season, and also attend the year-end awards ceremony.”

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