‘I’m trying to show the power of my depth’… Mistake→Strikeout parade ‘It’s a mess from the get-go’ Salty headache

“It’s backup starter time.”

With the heatwave in full swing, the LG Twins are looking to showcase their depth, but it’s been a rocky start.

“I’m sure all 10 teams are thinking the same thing, but from now on, the importance of the backup starter will be very important,” said manager Yeom Kyung-yeop.

By backup players, he means players who are backups but can also play the role of a starter.

For LG, for example, Kim Min-seong filled in when Oh Ji-hwan was sidelined with a side injury in April. In May, Shin Min-jae did a great job at second base when Seo Gun-chang was out.

While the infield worked out well with the backup starters, the outfield was a bit of a mixed bag. Lee Jae-won, who was expected to make the roster this season after canceling his application to the club, did not make the opening day roster due to injury. He returned from injury in May, but didn’t hit well, so his chances in June were spotty. He fell into a severe hitting slump, going just 2-for-27 with a .074 batting average in 16 games in June.

“In the month of June, both Jae-won and (Son) Ho-young trained a lot. They were the first ones on the field and the last ones off. The hitting coaches also had a hard time with them.” “In July and August, we need these backups to perform. We expect Jae-won and Ho-hyung to do a good job as the fitness battle, injuries and battles begin.”

“Jae-won will play more frequently once he gets the hang of it. I was thinking of a system where Lee Jae-won plays steadily and the outfielders, such as Hong Chang-ki and Park Hae-min, rest once in a while. We will continue to send him out in July and August to a certain extent.”

Lee Jae-won, Son Ho-young, and Kim Min-sung. It was time for the backup players.

“August is the time to fight physical fitness and injuries,” said Yoon Kyung-yup. They have to play an important role at this time,” he reiterated.

However, with only five games to go, the coach’s head is spinning. Lee Jae-won, Son Ho-young, and Kim Min-sung are in the starting lineup side by side.

Kim Min-sung was removed from the field in the fourth inning due to pain in his anterior left thigh, forcing Oh Ji-hwan, who was scheduled to come in later in the game, to come in earlier than planned.온라인카지노

Lee Jae-won struck out twice in his three at-bats with a single and a walk. He had been strong against Benjamin this season, going 2-for-2 with a double, a home run, and an RBI, so it was expected, but he couldn’t get anything going. He even expressed his frustration after striking out in his last at-bat in the fifth inning. Son Ho-young managed to get a hit, but made an error on defense.

It was the first game to showcase the power of LG’s depth, but it didn’t go as planned. It’s time to fast forward.

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