“I’m on standby for 5 minutes, if I can run anywhere…” Key player Multi-Man, perseveres even when it’s hard

 The Lotte Giants are determined to have a ‘win-now’ season this year. In the FA market, Kangnam Yoo (KRW 8 billion in 4 years), Jin-Hyuk Noh (KRW 5 billion in 4 years), Hyun-Hee Han (up to KRW 4 billion in 3+1 years) poured 17 billion won to complete reinforcement of weak positions, and even released players. While recruiting, he strengthened his depth. And at the spring camp, he is preparing for this year with intensive physical training and technical training.

There are many key players and various key players can be selected, but infielder Kim Min-soo (25) can also be selected as a key player in terms of team management. He has the defensive ability to play all positions, such as first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop in the infield. Attack power is also increasing. 

In addition, if starting third baseman Han Dong-hee is experiencing defensive problems right away, Kim Min-soo is the first substitute right away. If Kim Min-soo shows some offensive power, he can concentrate on hitting and convert Han Dong-hee to first baseman without hesitation to stabilize the defense. That’s why the club is also keeping an eye on Kim Min-soo.
Right now, Han Dong-hee also went on a strict diet to avoid losing the third baseman position. Kim Min-soo also prepared to compete at a higher level and show better performance in the first team. Kim Min-soo, who joined the spring camp squad along with free agent shortstop Noh Jin-hyeok, continued his off-season mindset to the camp. Last year, Kim Min-soo suffered a hamstring injury at the end of May and was out in the first half, only to return in mid-August. In 57 games, he had a batting average of 2.5 7 Lee (36 hits in 140 at-bats) with 11 RBI and an OPS of .620. 

I spent the winter to strengthen my hamstrings and strengthen my slugging power. Kim Min-soo said, “I think it’s a more important and unique season every year.” “I thought about how to increase my slugging power while rehabilitating my hamstrings. I put the focus on making a strong batting ball and thought a lot. I kept training because the things I trained at the finishing camp were a waste and I thought I would forget them if I rested.” 메이저사이트

It was not that Kim Min-soo did not have an opportunity. Last year, the opportunity came amidst injuries to the main players, but he suffered a hamstring injury, and in 2021 his momentum was dampened by his hamstring. He blamed himself, saying, “I’m upset when I get hurt. I, my wife, and the club are also upset.” Therefore, he prepared to not lose any more opportunities due to injuries while steadily progressing in rehabilitation. He said, “Last year when he tore his leg while defending first base, he was injured, but running with that motion was also limited. He worked out a lot to make it less painful and to expand his range of motion.”

Still, he emphasized, “Everyone is upset, but I’m not in a position where I can save myself to avoid getting hurt. I shouldn’t work hard because of getting hurt. Rather than saving myself, I have to do as much as I can.”

Opportunities and competition are open at any time, but Kim Min-soo is a multi-resource in the infield in the team’s plan right now. He said, “Honestly, I am confident in defense. I can add mine if you train as planned and give me advice.” 

There are difficulties with multi-resources in the infield, but I have a strong desire to accept those difficulties and show my value by participating in the game and contributing to the ‘Win Now’ team right away. He said, “It would be infinitely nice to be the starting player,” but “I am a player who feels like a ‘5-minute waiting list’ that can be used even if there is a gap in any position, once I am on the team. Emphasized.

He continued, “Actually, I’ve started in different positions in all three matches, but I’m tired. The preparations are very different and it’s mentally difficult.” said.

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