I’m going to transfer because it’s relegation… Franchise star ransom 85.3 billion ‘competition rate 5 to 1’

It seems that now is the time to leave.

In the 2022-23 English Premier League (PL), the first team to confirm relegation from the Championship (second division) is Southampton. With 6 wins, 6 draws and 24 losses, with 24 points, the last place is virtually certain. It is because 19th place Leicester City (30 points) played one less game.

The remaining fight is fierce itself. Excluding Southampton, it is foggy from 16th place Nottingham Forest (34 points) to 17th place Everton (32 points), 18th place Leeds United (31 points) and Leicester City, the remaining Maginot line. 15th place West Ham United (37 points) is ambiguous, but it is certain to remain even if only one game is drawn.

In Southampton, which has been demoted, stories are pouring in that it is difficult to change uniforms in the player waiting room due to the bloated squad and that the organizational power has collapsed. It means that the overall atmosphere of the team was bad

enough analysis. Southampton has been the worst with 1 win, 3 draws and 8 losses in the last 12 league matches. The 1-0 win over Leicester City on March 5 is all. After that, it was common to repeat defeats and draws. At least, in the FA Cup round of 16, they lost to Grimsby (fourth division) and were eliminated, failing to avoid embarrassment.

The championship is the jungle. There is no guarantee that 24 teams will come back to the PL again when the 1st and 2nd places are directly promoted, and the 3rd to 6th place 4 teams will be promoted to the playoffs.

The person of interest is central midfielder James Ward-Prowse. Ward-Prowse has only played for Southampton since 2011. In total he scored 48 goals in 341 matches. He scored 8 goals and 3 assists in 36 league appearances this season. Last season, he scored the most goals in his professional debut with 10 goals and 5 assists in 36 games. He seems to have a hard time passing this season with two games left.

After going through England’s age-specific national team, he was also selected for the A national team from 2017. He didn’t get a chance often, but he did qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup final in Europe. He was called to the 2022-23 European Football Federation Nations League (UNL).

Ward-Prowse, the so-called ‘instant sense of power’. He is of moderate height at 177 cm, but can play as an attacking midfielder as well as a central midfielder. He also uses free kicks as an art. He has a contract with Southampton until the summer of 2026.

Ward-Prowse is treated like a franchise star, but demotion is shaking him. The British media ‘Express’ said, ‘Southampton, whose relegation was confirmed after losing to Fulham on the 13th, has become difficult to protect Ward-Prowse. He also said that he would leave the team when the summer transfer window opens.

Although Ward-Prowse was the captain, he was always a recruiting target for top clubs. He’s playing an ace at Southampton, so he’s always dismissed the possibility of a transfer, but this time it’s different.

‘Southampton will lose Ward-Prowse,’ Arsenal legend Martin Keane told the BBC. He still deserves to play in the Premier League. The team didn’t return to that center,’ he said, showing a reaction that there was a problem.메이저사이트

Ward-Prowse is being closely watched by wealthy Newcastle United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Chelsea. Only the ransom being mentioned is 50 million pounds (approximately 85.3 billion won). Southampton, which has to sell a lot of players with high ransom, has to sell Ward-Prowse even if they don’t like it.

Newcastle United in particular are looking at Ward-Prowse. It is known that coach Eddie Howe highly evaluates his ability and is willing to sign him with the goal of advancing to the Champions League (UCL) next season. In an era where capital dominates rather than romance, it seems inevitable that the team will change unless Ward-Prowse himself declares that he will not transfer.

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