If the Liverpool legend takes the Leeds helm… Relationship with Man United is exciting

Leeds United of the ‘Leeds days’ are expanding the list of candidates for the vacant manager to escape relegation from the Championship (2nd division).

A number of media, including the British general newspaper ‘Mirror’, reported interesting news on the 16th (Korean time). Leeds have revealed that they are in contact with several candidates for the vacant managerial post following the sacking of manager Jesse March.

Looking at the surface, it is interesting in itself. Among the people mentioned is Harry Redknapp (76). Starting with AFC Bournemouth in 1983, Redknapp has managed West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers, Jordan and Birmingham City.

It is known to domestic fans as a leader who did not give a chance to Park Ji-sung, who had transferred from Manchester United during his time at Queens Park Rangers. A typical example is the scene in which Alex Ferguson, who was in charge of Manchester United, showed an embarrassed expression when he came to shake hands with Ji-Sung Park, who was on the bench.

Redknapp has been unemployed since 2017 with Birmingham. The media said, ‘Redknapp, who won 236 wins in the premium league as a manager, is interested in taking the baton on a short-term contract until the end of this season.’ First of all, Coach Michael Scubala takes over as acting manager, but if the period is prolonged, Leeds, who is fighting a survival war, may face considerable difficulties. Redknapp has a history of leading Portsmouth to win the FA Cup in 2008, but he is tactically unique and obsessive about player management, so he does not match the latest trend. Leeds fans are just waiting for the Lunar New Year to end. 카지노

Leeds tried to sign West Bromwich Albion manager Carlos Corberan, Andoni Ireola, Rayo Vallecano, Arne Slot Feyenoord, and Nuno Santo, former Wolverhampton manager, but each of them declined or were not interested, drawing a line. are struggling with There is even a plan to re-sign Marcelo Bielsa, who was hardened last year.

Even more interesting is that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is on the shortlist. Gerrard led Rangers (Scotland) and built up leadership skills. He withdrew from Aston Villa (England) in October of last year due to poor performance, but it is a no-loss card for Leeds.

If Gerrard takes over Leeds, it will lead to a more bad relationship with Manchester United, which is not so good. Leeds fans are excited that if Gerrard takes the baton and succeeds in escaping the relegation zone, he will be able to watch the game in a more interesting composition next season.

It is difficult to know whether they are actually appointed or not. The media said, ‘It seems that Leeds has reached out to Gerard for a recruitment intention. It is known that the negotiating table has not been set.”

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