I was completely shunned by Conte… Position changed in half a year

 Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = Tottenham Hotspur striker Brian Hill (21)’s position has changed in half a year. He was initially classified as out of power and promoted a loan transfer during the transfer market this winter, but it is said that he received a request to “stay” from coach Antonio Conte (53, Italy).

‘The Spursweb’, which specializes in Tottenham news, reported on the 10th (Korean time), citing a report by Spanish media ‘Estadio Deportivo’ that “Hill is known to have recently been asked to ‘stay’ by manager Conte.”

Thinking of Hill, who was excluded from coach Conte’s plan throughout this season and had a hard time keeping the bench all the time because he couldn’t survive among the competitors, it can’t be anything but a ‘big turnaround’. In fact, he only played 6 official games from the opening until last month, and even stepped on the ground only as a replacement. His average playing time per game was just 12.3 minutes.

As a result, Hill, whose lease was canceled during the transfer market last summer, pushed for a transfer again, saying that he would definitely leave Tottenham during the winter transfer market this month. As he received ‘love calls’ from Valencia, Seville, Mallorca (Spain), and Sampdoria (Italy), he heard that negotiations were underway. 메이저사이트

However, as Richarlison (25), Dejan Kulusevski (22), and Lucas Moura (30) left the line due to injuries in the last few days, Hill received a heavy hit and his position changed 180 degrees. In fact, based on the official game, he played as a starter in the last three consecutive games. In particular, he was named in the starting lineup for the first time in the English Premier League (EPL) after moving to Tottenham. In the midst of this, he is gaining trust by receiving a request to ‘stay’ from coach Conte.

‘The Spursweb’, however, said, “There is a possibility that Hill will reject Conte’s request and leave.” “Tottenham plans to recruit new attacking resources during the remaining transfer window period, and if players who left due to injuries return, he will I will look for a loan transfer because I will not get the opportunity again.”

Meanwhile, Hill wore a Tottenham uniform in the summer of 2021 through a “swap deal” with Eric Lamela (30, Seville) and 25 million euros (about 34.5 billion won) in cash. Considering his age at the time, it was pointed out one after another that it was ‘overpay’, but some experts also highly evaluated his potential for growth and talent in the future.

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