“I want to be the king of Pohang” Kim Jong-woo, a transfer student, is confident with ‘reason’

“There is a position I want to reach rather than a new nickname. I want to become the king of Pohang.”

This is the bold aspiration of Kim Jong-woo (30), who joined Pohang Steelers after leaving Gwangju FC. He intends to become a symbolic player representing Pohang beyond establishing himself as the team’s main player. It also means that the mindset in Pohang for the new season is different.

Kim Jong-woo met with reporters at the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at the Kal Hotel in Jeju on the 6th and said, “I am grateful that I always put a modifier that fits the region whenever I transfer. There is no new nickname I want to get in Pohang, but I want to reach it instead. He smiled and said, “I want to become the ‘King of Pohang’.”

“Last year, (Shin) Jin-ho was such a role, and (Kim) Seung-dae and (Son) Jun-ho are players who come to mind when you hear ‘Pohang’ so far, and I want to make it that way too. I am personally confident,” he said. Emphasized. He revealed his aspirations to become a key and symbolic presence like the players who have represented Pohang, beyond being a simple transfer student.

This confidence of Kim Jong-woo is even more meaningful in that he had to face a considerable amount of ‘burden’ from the time he moved to Pohang. He wore a Pohang uniform in conjunction with the transfer of Shin Jin-ho, who was the core of Pohang’s midfield last season, to Incheon United. Director Kim Ki-dong himself explained, “I chose Kim Jong-woo in the process of looking for a replacement for Shin Jin-ho.”

In addition to having a heavy responsibility to fill the void of a player who played a key role, coincidentally, the uniform number was given ‘6’ as a player by coach Kim Ki-dong, who was also a Pohang legend. In a situation where there is no choice but to be burdened, it is armed with ‘confidence’.

Kim Jong-woo said, “Since the article first appeared, the modifier ‘Shin Jin-ho’s replacement’ has been attached to it. It would be a lie if I said there was no burden.” I think I’m less worried than burdened now.”

He continued, “I have strengths in handling the ball and adjusting the game. (Shin) Jin-ho did a lot of spraying left and right in large chunks. I can put more kill passes than Jinho hyung in the front,” he emphasized.

In particular, the fact that Pohang has many offensive resources that can maximize its strengths is the background for Kim Jong-woo to have more confidence. This is because there are a large number of strikers who can receive the so-called kill pass.

Kim Jong-woo said, “Personally, if there is a player with good or fast movement in front, I can do better. Pohang is all fast, and there are strikers with good movement.” There were a lot of cases where I played in. I think there will be many situations where I can assist.” 먹튀검증

His self-confidence is by no means a mindset that he strives to reduce the burden surrounding himself. This is the mindset he had throughout his career to become a better player. It is for the same reason that he decided to move to Pohang even though he knew that the burden would not be small.

Kim Jong-woo said, “Personally, I am confident enough to think that I am not lagging behind in the K-League. I don’t speak well, but personally I have always been like that.” I don’t, but I always have confidence in my heart.”

“At first, there was a lot of pressure, but I think it’s right to do better so that (Shin) Jin-ho doesn’t notice the place he left,” he said. “I came to Pohang because I was confident. I have confidence that I will be able to fill the position where Jinho left.” It is the reason why Kim Jong-woo chose to move to Pohang, and it is a bold statement to Pohang and K-League fans ahead of the new season.

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