‘I had a career high ahead, but… ‘ Responsibility of Pyo Seung-ju “A winning streak is more important”

Pyo Seung-joo (31, 182 cm), an outside heater at IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, took the lead in escaping the losing streak by playing the role of a native ace.

Pyo Seung-ju played an active part in the 2022-2023 season Dodram V-League Women’s Round 4 home game against Korea Expressway Corporation held at the Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 17th with 12 points and an attack success rate of 42.86%. She led the team to a complete set score of 3 to 0 (25-13, 25-23, 25-17). 

Industrial Bank of Korea recently broke the chain of four consecutive losses and shot a signal of a rebound amid the active performance of the Pyo Seung-ju. After the match, Pyo Seung-joo said, “The team atmosphere was bad as the losing streak got longer.” “It feels good to win today. I hope to win more in the remaining games.” 바카라사이트

Regarding her winning factor on this day, she explained, “I felt that Santana was in good shape from the first set and had a high attack success rate. Santana scored 23 points, the most for both teams, and her offensive success rate of 46.81% was strong.

Recently, IBK’s team atmosphere has subsided due to a long losing streak. Accordingly, the players tried to reverse the atmosphere through active communication. Pyo Seung-ju said, “The players talked about what they had to do, and they moved well as promised before the game.”

Regarding the team’s performance during the losing streak, IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol pointed out, “Last year, Santana and Pyo Seung-ju had a high share and attack success rate, but this year, a problem arose as the success rate fell.” This is a part that Pyo Seung-ju also agrees with. He laughed, saying, “Recently, while losing a losing streak, it didn’t work out well with Santana. We talked a lot about this.”

However, except for the losing streak, Pyo Seung-joo has been in charge of the team’s offense this season. After Santana (341 points), he is ranked second on the team in scoring (304 points) and is 10th in league scoring.

With 14 regular league games left, Pyo Seung-joo is looking at a career high. He has only 65 points left on the 369 points he recorded at GS Caltex in the 2015-2016 season. Regarding his improvement in scoring this season, Pyo Seung-ju explained, “I think fast volleyball suits me well.”

In a situation where native ace Kim Hee-jin is not playing her role due to poor physical condition, Pyo Seung-joo’s shoulders have become heavier. Entering the 4th round, he feels the pressure on his stamina, but he has a strong will to overcome for the team’s rebound. 

Pyo Seung-joo said, “I somehow managed to endure from the 1st to the 3rd round, but I was down from the 4th round.” Following “

IBK harvested 3 points that day, but is still in 6th place (25 points). Although they chased 5th place KGC Ginseng Corporation (26 points) by one point, they desperately need a winning streak to advance to the mid-level. It remains to be seen whether Pyo Seung-ju, who is active as a native ace this season, will lead the team’s upward trend.

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