“I didn’t have the face to go to bed.” The reason why a 22-year-old prospect from first place volunteered for night training after the All-Star Game

“I didn’t have the face to go to sleep.”

Hong Dong-seon (22), a striker in his second year at Hyundai Capital, participated in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League All-Star Game Serving Contest held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on January 28.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Ikbairi), OK Financial Group Leonardo Reina Martinez (registered name Leo), KEPCO Lim Seongjin, Woori Card Kim Jihan, Korean Air Lim Donghyuk, KB Insurance Insurance Bae Sangjin represented the team.

However, the result sheet Hong Dong-seon received was disqualification. Hong Dong-seon was eliminated as he could not put his serve inside the court in both the first and second rounds. Not to mention her record, she didn’t even get into the court, so she felt even more regretful.

Hong Dong-seon, who looked back on that time, said, “In the last 4 rounds against OK Financial Group, the serve was good. So she went to the serve king contest and she hit confidently, but she freaked out,” she said.

After Hong Dong-seon was eliminated from the Serve King Contest, she went straight down to her Cheonan lodgings for night training, she says.

He “told her coach that I would do a night workout. She said, “The director told me to go to bed and rest, but she had no face to go to bed.”

Is it because of the night training? Hong Dong-seon scored 7 points, including 2 blocks, in the match against OK Financial Group held at Cheonan home on the 1st, adding strength to the team’s 3-1 victory. 온라인카지노

Hong Dong-seon said, “It seems that the sense of serving has returned through night training.” It was a burden because it was my first position, but I think it helped a lot as I gained a lot of experience through cup competitions and demonstration games.”

He continued, “Playing in various positions has helped me a lot. The coach said that experience is important for players. In his first year, just entering it made his heart quiver. He added, “Now that he is in his second year, he feels a little more relaxed.”

We still have a lot to show. He is a promising youngster who is only 22 years old. Hong Dong-seon, who joined as the first overall pick in the 2021 rookie draft, recorded 64 points in 13 games in the 2021-22 season, and is recording 47 points in 20 games this season. He still lacks a lot, but whenever he does, he draws a picture of his growth with the help of his senior Park Sang-ha.

He said, “When it doesn’t work, I look for his upper and lower brothers a lot. He scolds me when I am scolded, and comforts me a lot when I am not. He also gives advice when things go wrong. He asks what to ask and gets a lot of advice. He is like a close friend like Hyunseung,” he smiled.

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