“I did it in the US for 10 years… I’m doing it in Daejeon too” Hanwha New Ace Special Routine

 It may be that he was destined to come to Korea someday. The leader with whom they had a relationship early took over the command tower, and their lifestyles also matched. Hanwha New Ace Birch Smith (33) explained why she came to Daejeon and her special routine.

We are preparing for the season smoothly. Smith pitched 57 pitches in an exhibition game against SSG held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 20th, throwing 4.1 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts and no runs. It was pitching on this day that both pitch and control were better than the match against KIA in Daejeon on the 14th, the first demonstration game.메이저사이트

With power pitching with a fast ball speed of 154 km per hour and an average speed of 150 km, he overwhelmed other SSG players. The second pitch, the curve, and the third pitch, the changeup, also took away the timing with ease. Smith is preparing for the debut season of the KBO League with ease, digesting the number of pitches as planned. At the time of his recruitment, he is showing the expected appearance as the first starting ace.

His recruiting process was not easy. He is a power pitcher with the highest speed of 100 mph in the U.S., and was treated well in Japanese professional baseball last year. The size of offers received from Japan after the 2022 season was also higher than that of Hanwha. Nevertheless, Smith chose the Hanwha uniform.

He wanted to play a season as a starter rather than a middle pitcher. Above all, a leader with a relationship was holding the baton at Hanwha. Smith previously worked with manager Carlos Subero in Milwaukee in 2019. At the time, coach Subero was coaching Milwaukee, and Smith was on the big league stage for about two months with Milwaukee.

After the game on the 20th, Smith said, “One of the reasons I chose Hanwha is coach Subero. I had a good relationship with coach Subero from Milwaukee. Coach Subero is always passionate and knowledgeable about baseball. He encourages players to learn by asking questions rather than directing them. He thought that if he had a relationship with coach Subero, he would be fun, and he has high expectations that he will have fun playing baseball this year.”

Then, he revealed his extremely oriental routine. “Basically, the focus is on staying healthy before starting,” Smith said. He gets enough sleep, drinks a lot of water, and pays attention to strengthening exercises such as stretching. He always plans and moves, but he personally likes to be spit on. He goes to an oriental medicine clinic and receives acupuncture, and he feels that his recovery is very fast.”

It can be common in Korea. But not in Smith’s hometown of America. Smith said, “Since 2015, acupuncture has been used as a routine in the United States. It’s not common, but there were players around me who received acupuncture, and when I tried it, the effect was very good. Of course, they are also doing it in Daejeon. I go to an oriental medicine clinic near the Daejeon baseball field,” he smiled.

Aside from the special routine, the first impression is perfect. The Hanwha coaching staff gives thumbs up to Smith’s routine and readiness. In addition, the spirit of ‘Team First’ is strong.

To the question, “Are you not greedy to start the opening game?” Smith said, “I don’t have any particular desire. I will do it if the club needs it, but the rotation can change at any time during the season. Isn’t it possible that injuries may occur and that rain may be canceled? I don’t care how many times I start,” he replied, “I will always play in the order the club needs.”

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