“I almost had ‘250 billion’ Holland for only 6.7 billion won” Manchester United pays for not listening to Solskjaer 5 years ago

“Halan could have been a Manchester United player for only £4 million (about 6.7 billion won)…”

The story of ‘Man City monster striker’ Erling Hollan almost wearing a Manchester United uniform five years ago at the recommendation of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was told belatedly.

Nicknamed the ‘assassin of babyface’, Solskjaer, a former Manchester United legend, has experience coaching Haalan in Molde, Norway. Solskjaer, who recognized at a glance the ability of Halan, who had already surpassed the best in his class and showed world-class talent at that time, recommended Halan to the Manchester United leadership before he took over the baton in 2018.

According to The Athletic, a British sports media outlet on the 13th (Korean time), Solskjaer said, “I contacted Manchester United because there was a talented striker that Manchester United should have recruited, but unfortunately the club did not listen to me.” “I asked Manchester United for £4m, but they never intended to sign him. £4m! Please don’t ask me how much he is now. He is a very good player,” he said, expressing regret over the failed signing.

Haalan proved his potential by moving to RB Salzburg instead of Manchester United, before turning down offers from United and Solskjaer to join Borcia Dortmund. United missed out on another Norwegian international last summer, and from his first 토토사이트 season at Manchester City, Haalan broke the record for most goals in a single season with 35 league goals and soared with 51 goals in total. According to ‘TransferMarkt’, a football statistics company, Holland’s market value is 170 million euros (approximately 250 billion won).

Manchester United have made remarkable progress this season, maintaining a top-four finish under manager Eric Tenhach, but the lack of strikers remains a weakness. Manchester United have scored only 49 goals in 34 league games. It has the same number of goals as Leicester City, 18th in the league, and one less goal than Fulham (50 points), 10th in the league. It is only 14 goals more than the 35 goals scored by Hollan’s ‘Alone’. Except for Marcus Rashford, who scored 16 goals in 33 games, there are no double-digit scorers.

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