Has Russell left Minnesota?

D’Angelo Russell (26, Minnesota Timberwolves)’s move is unusual.

Russell recently unfollowed Minnesota on Instagram. In addition, Russell also removed Minnesota from his Twitter follow list last year.

Additionally, Russell retweeted a post by Fred Benveleet. Russell is in a state of trade rumors going back and forth with Benveleet.

Currently, Minnesota is 17-21 (0.447) and is ranked 11th in the Western Conference. Anthony Edwards is unsellable in Minnesota, and Carl-Anthony Towns has a Supermax contract. Also, Rudy Gobert was brought in at a great price this offseason.

So, naturally, trades related to Minnesota had no choice but to go to Russell. It wouldn’t be pleasant to see a player frequently listed in trade rumors. As a result, Minnesota fans were forced to suspect that Russell was not happy here. 메이저사이트

In fact, on the 3rd, ESPN reporter Brian Windhost mentioned the Miami Heat as the destination for the Russell trade. Windhost has previously reported that Miami is interested in trading Kyle Lowry and Russell.

Russell couldn’t get along with Rudy Gobert, who joined the team at the beginning of the season, averaging 17 points, 3.2 rebounds and 6.5 assists, 45.8% field goal success rate (13.4 attempts), 34.9% 3-point success rate, (2.3 attempts successful), 84.2% free throw percentage (2.9 attempts). ) was recorded.

However, Russell has recently been faithfully performing the role of the team’s point guard. In addition, he is even taking on a second-option role following Anthony Edwards in the absence of Karl-Anthony Towns. If narrowed down to the last 13 games, Russell has an average of 21.4 points, 6 assists, field goal success rate of 50.5% (14.9 attempts), 3-point success rate of 39.2% (2.9 success rates), and free throw success rate of 93.6% (3.6 attempts).

Meanwhile, Minnesota was in a situation where it had to decide whether to trade Russell ahead of the trade deadline with only a month or so left.

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