‘Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun, the first bullpen pitching, a maximum of 151 km… “I threw 70-75% strength…”

Hanwha Eagles ‘Fireballer’ Kim Seo-hyun (19) threw a fastball in the 150 km range in the first bullpen pitching of spring camp.

Kim Seo-hyun had a bullpen pitching at the 2023 spring camp training in Mesa, Arizona, USA on the 5th local time. It was the first pitching he had since spring camp started in earnest on the 1st.

In bullpen pitching that day, Seohyun Kim threw 21 pitches and tested her fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup. In particular, his fastball speed was up to 151 km. Considering that it is still in the early stages of spring camp, it is an amazing speed. When the season begins in earnest, there is a high possibility that the speed will rise to the mid-to-late 150km range.

Seohyun Kim (18), a right-handed pitcher from Seoul High School, was honored with the first overall pick in the 2023 KBO draft. Hanwha, who got the first chance to be nominated last year at the bottom of the list, called Kim Seo-hyun as the first in the first round at an event held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 15th.

Kim Seo-hyun, who graduated from Seoul High School, boasts a confident physique of 188 cm and 91 kg. Kim Seo-hyun, who received attention as the best pitching prospect in high school, was nominated by Hanwha as the first overall pick in the rookie draft in September of last year, and signed a contract with a down payment of 500 million won.

Pitching coach Jose Rosado said, “Kim Seo-hyun is still a young player, so we need to wait and watch him a bit more. He is trying to give freedom so as not to feel pressured,” he said. “It is clear that he is a good player who can cause healthy competition among pitchers.”

After finishing bullpen pitching, Kim Seo-hyun said, “I threw with 70-75 percent strength today. I threw it while paying attention to balance and control, and if I give myself a score, it seems to be around 60 to 70 points,” he said. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Hanwha foreign pitchers Felix Pena and Birch Smith also pitched in the bullpen for the first time that day. Pena threw 28 balls and recorded a maximum speed of 147 km. Smith threw a total of 43 pitches, but after throwing 22 pitches, he took a break to match the starting pitcher’s inning shift routine and threw 21 more. His highest speed was 149 km.

“Overall, I’m happy with my first bullpen pitch today, but it’s still early in camp and there’s still a lot to work on,” said Smith. .

Pena said, “I was in good overall physical condition, so I was able to use all types of pitches as I thought.”

Coach Rosado expressed satisfaction, saying, “The pitching team all finished their first bullpen pitching, and I am grateful that everyone seems to have prepared well for the offseason.”

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