“Ha-seong Kim, the best infielder that can be traded” Boston’s 9th shortstop, a fresh start

“Ha-seong Kim is the best infielder that can be traded.”

Rumors of Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) trade to the Boston Red Sox have been circulating steadily since last December. Belly Up Sports also joined the ranks on the 19th (Korean time). The excellence of Kim Ha-seong and the situation in Boston, where the central infield was pierced, were explained in detail. 스포츠토토

Belly Up Sports said, “Boston needs San Diego infielder Kim Ha-seong more than attacking the impact starting lineup. Ha-seong Kim’s speed and running ability are not as good as Trevor Story, but they are good enough to be alleviated if the story is missing.”

Ha-seong Kim said it was an optimal card for Boston’s central infield. “Did I ever say he was the best defensive shortstop? He’s the best infielder Boston can trade. Free agents Elvis Andrews, Jose Iglesias, and recently recruited Adam Duvall are excellent, but they don’t fit as well as Ha-seong Kim.”

Also, what stands out is that Kim Ha-sung’s defense and base running ability were highly evaluated. Belly Up Sports said, “Ha-seong Kim has good speed, running and stealing skills. He was 79th in sprint speed in 2022, and has a career stolen base success rate of 86%. Add that to his 45% on-base percentage last season, and Ha-Sung Kim will be one of the Red Sox’ best runners in 2023.”

In addition, the media said that Kim Ha-seong’s annual salary for the 2023 season is $7 million ($28 million in 4 years), providing flexibility in team payroll. While presenting various scenarios, “Ha-seong Kim fits Boston so well at various stages. He should be a trade target.”

On the 18th, The Athletic strongly expressed the need to recruit Kim Ha-sung. Masataka Yoshida (left fielder) – Raphael Devers (third baseman) – Justin Turner (designated hitter) – Tristan Casas (first baseman) – Adam Duvall (center fielder) – Alex Verdugo (right fielder) as Boston’s main lineup for the 2023 season ) – Kike Hernandez (second baseman) – Liz Maguire (catcher) – Kim Ha-seong (shortstop).

Realistically, Ha-seong Kim may be better off playing in Boston than San Diego if he wants to increase his value as a shortstop in the major leagues. In San Diego, it’s hard for him to play shortstop anymore because of Bo Gatz. The Athletic said, “The Kim Ha-sung trade is one of the possible scenarios at this point.”

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