Golfzon Open ‘Inaugural Champion’ Jo Woo-young… “I am confident of winning the gold medal in the Asian Games”

Korean Tour Golf Zone Open in Jeju’s first champion Wooyoung Cho showed confidence in winning the gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September this year.

In the final 4th round of the Korean Tour Golf Zone Open in Jeju held at Ora CC in Jeju City on the 23rd, Cho Woo-young tied 1 eagle, 4 birdies and 1 bogey and hit 5 under par 67. Jo Woo-young, who recorded a final total of 8 under par 280 strokes, lifted the championship cup.

After the game, Jo Woo-young said, “The goal of this tournament was to improve my skills before participating in the Asian Games.”메이저사이트

Prior to this tournament, Cho Woo-young reached the top of the second round of the Srixon Tour. He participated in this tournament as a recommended player. At the Dongbu Fire Promy Open in 2013, he lifted the championship cup of the Korean Tour as an amateur in 10 years after Lee Chang-woo.

Cho Woo-young said, “When I was young, Lee Chang-woo and Lee Soo-min showed me that even an amateur player can win the Korean Tour event.”

Cho Woo-young took first place in the amateur representative selection match for the Hangzhou Asian Games held last year. However, the Asian Games were postponed for a year due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). After the Asian Games last year, the plan to turn pro was also wrong.

Cho Woo-young said, “I missed the cut at the GS Caltex Maekyung Open last year and heard that the Asian Games were postponed, but I was really frustrated.”

At the same time, Jo Woo-young said, “I thought a lot about whether to look at the future or think about the immediate future.” “I decided to participate in the Asian Games believing in the advice of many people and myself. With today’s victory, I was able to prepare for the Asian Games comfortably. “he said.

Jo Woo-young, who said “I’m confident” at the Asian Games, said, “I heard a lot of stories that it would be difficult for amateurs to win the individual gold medal.” I think,” he said eagerly.

At the same time, Jo Woo-young explained the areas to be supplemented before the Asian Games, saying, “I don’t think I’m pushed by anyone for shots yet, but it’s the opposite around the green.”

After the Asian Games, he plans to turn pro. By winning this tournament, I actually booked a direct ticket to the Korean Tour. The KPGA grants a suspension of seeding after final approval by the board of directors if an amateur who competes in or is about to compete in an international event wins the Korean Tour event.

Cho Woo-young also expressed his aspirations, saying, “I want to make up for my shortcomings on the Korean Tour and achieve good results before entering the PGA Tour and winning.”

His role model is Jason Day, who was ranked number 1 in the world rankings. Jo Woo-young explained the reason, “I know that the environment and family life in which Day practiced are not good. He wants to be seen as more sincere and hard-working than anyone else. Playing is also my favorite style.”

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