Gangwon FC prepares for the season… Goal to advance to Final A for 2 consecutive years!

The 2023 K-League 1 (Won), a professional soccer event, will open on the 25th.

Gangwon FC, a professional soccer team for Gangwon-do residents, will have its first game in Daejeon the next day.

Following last year, Gangwon FC plans to repay the support of the people by advancing to the league’s top group, ‘Final A’ this year.

Reporter Jo Yeon-joo reports.


Gangwon FC players are in the middle of training ahead of the season opening.

Despite the cold weather in the middle of winter, he sweats and devotes himself to training.

Gangwon FC advanced to the top group, Final A, for the first time in three years by finishing 6th in the league, the best ever last season.

Our goal is to advance to the Final A this season as well. [ Soundbite]

Choi Yong-soo/Gangwon FC Head Coach : “I will do my best to enter the top division and never give up…”

It’s over.

However, as Dino, Han Young-Young, and Kwang-Yeon Lee, who had a hiatus due to injuries last season, have recovered and are able to return, the team’s power is expected to be reinforced.

[Lim Chang-woo/Chief of Gangwon FC : “If we go back to the beginning and prepare really well this year, we expect to achieve good results.”]

Kim Dae-won, who was selected as one of the K-League 1 best 11 last season, and Yang Hyun-joon, the rising star of Korean soccer who swept the rookie Young Player Award, are also expected to perform. 메이저사이트

[Soundbite] Yang Hyun-joon/Gangwon FC : “I have thoughts about how to run more, move more than last year, and make it harder for the defenders

” to play.

Until October, 33 regular league games will be played, and home matches will be held in Chuncheon and Gangneung.

I look forward to seeing if Gangwon FC, which showed more than expected results last season, will be able to achieve its goal of advancing to the Final A for the second year in a row and protect the pride of the people of Gangwon-do.

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