From the demonstration game, the snow stamped bang… 2023 professional baseball rookie blast notice

KIA Yoon Yeong-cheol, first starter, 4 innings scoreless 7K
LG Park Myeong-geun, quick motion to tie runners
Lotte Kim Min-seok, excellent response to breaking balls ‘40% hit’
Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun, 154km fastball scoreless pitch
Samsung Lee Ho-seong, 3 batters in a row strikeout power struggle

The opening of professional baseball in 2023 is imminent. At least until now, the popularity of Korean professional baseball is unreasonable.

This is good news for the officials who were worried about the shock wave of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) 1R dropout. There may be several factors, but one of them is the performance of newcomers. Fans’ attention is focused even though it is an exhibition match because fresh new faces are active.메이저놀이터

According to the baseball world on the 19th, the newcomer who stands out the most is Yoon Young-cheol (KIA Tigers). On the 17th, Yoon Young-cheol started in the Gocheok away game against Kiwoom Heroes and pitched a scoreless pitch, striking out 7 in 4 innings. Although he allowed Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) the first hit, he completely blocked the rest of the hitters. He stood out for his unique deception (a motion by which a pitcher hides the ball) and control. His strong point, the ability to control speed, also shined, and his main weapons, the changeup and slider, danced. He joined Kia’s 5th selection competition in earnest. It is evaluated that he is a strong Rookie of the Year candidate.

‘Little Giant’ Park Myeong-geun (LG Twins) is also blowing a new wind. In fact, Park Myung-geun was evaluated as the biggest sidearm player in high school baseball last year. There were many officials who were puzzled that the nomination order was delayed until No. 7 in the third round. He is the player who led Raon Go to the first finals in the presidential boat the year before last, and was evaluated as the best control pitcher in the youth team.

This advantage of his is noticed by coach Yeom Kyung-yeop and is used throughout the demonstration game. In the demonstration game against the Samsung Lions on the 15th, he took the mound in the bottom of the second inning with one out and second base, and recorded 2.2 innings, 1 hit and 2 strikeouts. In particular, he drew attention with his incredibly fast quick motion that made runners unable to run.Kim Min-seok (Lotte Giants) is showing off his overwhelming talent on the batting side. He is showing off his offensive power on a different level, such as driving in 5 hits in 1 game in the spring camp practice game. He showed incredible ability, going 9-for-15 in spring training practice games. Even though he is a newcomer, he is evaluated on the spot that his ability to hit the ball and his ability to respond to breaking balls are excellent. He is 4-for-10 in exhibition games as well. He also had embarrassing moments. In an exhibition game against LG on the 18th, Kim Min-seok was hit on the back of his hand by a straight ball while facing left-hander Lee Woo-chan in the 7th inning with 2 outs and a chance to load bases. According to the official announcement, he is breathing a sigh of relief as he is believed to have suffered only minor bruises.Kim Seo-hyeon (Hanwha Eagles) is highly anticipated as a duo of Hanwha along with Moon Dong-ju. Kim Seo-hyun got on the mound in the 7th inning with a 5-2 lead in an exhibition game against Kiwoom on the 18th, and fought hard with 1 inning, 2 strikeouts and no runs. He showed a perfect pitch with a maximum of 156 km and an average of 154 km with a total of 16 pitches.

Lee Ho-seong (Samsung Lions) is also a hope for Samsung. Lee Ho-seong was the 4th pitcher of the 6th inning team trailing 0-2 in an exhibition game held at Daegu Lions Park with 7,131 spectators on the 18th, and recorded 1 hit (1 home run), 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 2 innings. Although he was hit with a home run by Hwang Jae-gyun, it was a powerful pitch that struck out three batters in a row. His highest speed was 148 km.

So far, most of them seem to be able to make their first start this season, which opens on April 1st, in the first team, raising the possibility that the rookie competition will emerge as the best box office maker in the KBO League.

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