‘Freddy 30P 26R’ Konkuk University, tied for 4th place with 3 consecutive wins… Sangmyung University 5th consecutive victory

 Konkuk University continued its upward trend with Freddy’s grip under the goal.

Konkuk University won 83-48 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League home game against Sangmyung University held at the Konkuk University Global Campus Gymnasium on the 4th.

After winning three consecutive victories, Konkuk University rose to a 50% win rate (4 wins, 4 losses) and tied for fourth place with Sungkyunkwan University, Myongji University, and Dankook University. Freddy (30 points, 26 rebounds, 3 steals) dominated the bottom of the goal, and Choi Seung-bin (12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists) and Kim Joon-young (12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists) also scored double digits.

On the other hand, 11th place Sangmyung University fell into a five-game losing streak, and the lead against 12th place Chosun University was 토스카지노 reduced to one game. Kim Jeong-hyeon (16 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists) and Hong Dong-myeong (15 points, 4 rebounds) fought hard, but due to poor rebounds (28-52), they could not launch a counterattack. In the middle of the third quarter, Kim Chan-young was injured in a rebound competition with Freddy.

Konkuk University, who played a tight game in the first quarter, showed off their overwhelming performance in the second quarter, which was 18-14, and quickly escaped the pursuit of Sangmyung University. While Sangmyung University made mistakes, Konkuk University tied up a quick attack and Freddy’s bottom goal, widening the gap to two digits. Konkuk University finished the second quarter 37-20 with Kim Joon-young’s 3-point shot.

Konkuk University did not let go of the reins even in the third quarter. Although Hong Dong-myeong and Kim Jung-hyun failed to block the 3-point shot, Freddy showed off his presence under the goal and led Konkuk University in the lead. Konkuk University finished the third quarter 59-41 with Jo Hwan-hee and Choi Seung-bin, who had been silent in the second quarter, also scoring.

The fourth quarter was also time for Konkuk University. In the fourth quarter, Konkuk University also showed an even score distribution led by Cho Hwan-hee, widening the gap to 35 points at one time. Konkuk University, which seized the game early, secured a complete victory after running the game leisurely, evenly appointing bench members from the middle of the fourth quarter.

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