Finally passed the medical… ‘Up to 10 years, 337.5 billion won’ Correa officially joins MIN

 Carlos Correa, who failed the medical test twice, has been confirmed to join the Minnesota Twins.

On the 12th (Korean time), the local multiple media, including Bob Nightingale of ‘USA Today’, announced that the contract between the Minnesota Twins and Carlos Correa had been made official. Jeff Passan of ‘ESPN’ said, “I passed the medical test, and the contract was concluded.”

Prior to last season, Correa succeeded in signing a large contract with Minnesota for three years and $105.3 million (approximately 131.6 billion won). However, Correa, who hoped for a bigger contract, headed to the FA market through ‘opt-out’. Correa, one of the biggest free agent shortstops, received attention from many clubs.

Correa moved to the free agency market, but Minnesota hoped to accompany Correa, and offered a 10-year, $280 million (approximately $35 million) renewal contract, the largest ever in the club’s history. However, Correa did not take Minnesota’s outstretched hand at the time. Correa succeeded in signing a 13-year, $350 million (approximately 437.5 billion won) contract with the San Francisco Giants, holding the largest contract ever for a major league infielder.

However, a sudden variable occurred, and this contract was not concluded. The event was canceled three hours before San Francisco’s induction ceremony when Correa failed the medical test. Correa, whose trip to San Francisco was canceled, reached another agreement with the New York Mets for 12 years and 315 million dollars (approximately 393.7 billion won) within a day.

In the end, Correa went round and round and wore a Minnesota uniform. Minnesota took advantage of Correa’s sluggish negotiations with the Mets. On the 11th, Minnesota proposed a six-year, $200 million (approximately 250 billion won) contract to Correa, and the agreement was successful.

Correa’s contract includes a vesting option스포츠토토 for a total of 70 million dollars (approximately 87.5 billion won) for 7 to 10 years. The condition under which Correa’s option is exercised depends on the number of at-bats. If Correa completes 575 plate appearances in the sixth year, the option of $25 million (approximately 31.2 billion won) in the seventh year is automatically executed.

20 million dollars (approximately 25 billion won) in the 8th year if 550 at-bats are completed in the 7th year season, 15 million dollars (approximately 18.7 billion won) in the 9th year if 525 at-bats are completed in the 8th year season, 502 at-bats in the 9th year This is a condition in which the 10-year, $10 million (approximately 12.5 billion won) option is executed. If the conditions are not met, Minnesota will decide whether to exercise Correa’s option.

Correa concluded an agreement with Minnesota for up to 10 years and 270 million dollars (approximately 337.5 billion won), and finally passed the medical test on the 12th and the contract was officially concluded. The eventful Correa eventually returned to Minnesota.

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