‘Figure skating general’ Kim Ye-rim, 1st place in short… Challenging for the first championship in 14 years since Yuna Kim

‘Figure Skating General’ Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University) took the lead with the highest score this season in the short program at the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Four Continents Championships.

Kim Ye-rim received 72.84 points, a combination of 39.35 technical points (TES) and 33.49 artistic points (PCS), in the women’s single short program at the 2023 ISU Figure Skating Four Continents Championships held in Colorado Springs, USA on the 10th (Korean time).

Kim Ye-rim, who achieved her season best, took first place in the short program with a score of 71.5, beating Isabo Levito (USA), who came in second place.

This season, Kim Ye-rim is on her best rise since her senior debut. He has competed in six international competitions this season. Although there were times when she was physically exhausted during her series of hard marches, she reached the podium in all competitions except for the Grand Prix Final.

In particular, at the NHK Trophy, the 5th ISU Grand Prix held in November last year, she reached the top in 13 years since Kim Yu-na (33). On the 16th, she became the first Korean female figure skater to win a bronze medal at the Winter World University Games (Winter U Games).

After winning the bronze medal at the Four Continents Championships last year, he took a step closer to winning a second medal in a row.

Kim Ye-rim is aiming for the top spot in 14 years since Kim Yuna, who won the event in 2009. After Kim Yu-na, the best performers in the women’s singles at the Four Continents Championships are Yu-young (19, Suri High School), who won the silver medal in 2020, and Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School), who won the silver medal last year.

Kim Ye-rim, who left for the United States on the 5th, started her local adaptation training while maintaining her good condition. In the highland Colorado Springs competition, he did not waver until the end and achieved the first place in the short program.

Kim Ye-rim appeared on the ice 22nd out of 23 players. He kicked off his short program to Max Reacher’s ‘Mercy’.

He showed off a good start by performing his first jump, a triple lutz + triple toe loop combination jump, cleanly. In this technique, Kim Ye-rim earned a GOE of 1.6 points. The second jump, the double axel, also continued to run smoothly. 먹튀검증

The final jump, the triple flip, was scored 1.36 points.

In the Flying Camel Spin, Step Sequence, and Change Foot Combination Spin, she received the highest level of Level 4. The seat spin, which was the last task, recorded level 3.

Kim Ye-rim clenched his fists after the game, as if he had played a game that he was satisfied with.

Kim Chae-yeon (17, Suri High School), who participated in the Four Continents Championships for the first time, received 70.86 points, a combination of 39.46 points in technology (TES) and 31.4 points in art (PCS). This score was the best score of the season as well as the personal short program score.

Kim Chae-yeon has competed internationally this season, going back and forth between junior and senior. After winning the bronze medal at the Junior Grand Prix Final held in December last year, he placed third in the short program of this event and was close to his first medal at the Four Continents Championships.

Lee Hae-in, who won the silver medal at the Four Continents Championships last year, came in 6th with a season best of 69.13 points.

Kim Ye-rim, Kim Chae-yeon, and Lee Hae-in will compete in the free skating event on the 11th and challenge for medals.

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