‘Exciting three-way match for 2nd to 4th place’ Samsung Life, catches BNK and wins 3 consecutive wins… solo second place jump

In women’s professional basketball, the 3rd match for 2nd to 4th place is getting more and more exciting. With the outline of the semifinals becoming clearer, the competition for the rankings of the remaining teams, except for Asan Woori Bank, which took first place alone, was fierce.

On the 8th, Yongin Samsung Life Insurance took Busan BNK and became the sole second place. Samsung Life beat BNK 78-73 in the 2022-23 women’s professional basketball regular season home game held at Yongin Gymnasium. Samsung Life Insurance, which won three consecutive wins, rose from a tie for third place with Incheon Shinhan Bank to second place alone (14 wins and 10 losses). Against BNK, the season record is 2 wins and 3 losses. BNK, which was in second place alone, fell to third place (13 wins and 10 losses) with Shinhan Bank. The ‘magic number’ for Woori Bank’s 14th regular league championship (19 wins and 4 losses) was maintained at 2.

On this day, Bae Hye-yoon scored 20 points (5 assists) and laid the foundation for the team’s victory, and Kang Yoo-rim 먹튀검증 scored the winning goal with a 3-point shot at the end of the game. With 3 minutes and 53 seconds left before the end of the game, BNK caught up with a 70-66, 4-point lead with a 2-point shot by Jinan (17 points, 11 rebounds). shot up In the ensuing BNK attack, Samsung Life Insurance, who took the right to attack by Kim Han-byeol for traveling, ran away with Kang Yu-rim again in the paint zone, 75-66. When BNK tried to catch up with Jinan’s score in the paint zone, Kang Yoo-rim scored another 3-pointer 1 minute and 50 seconds before the end of the game to make it 78-68. BNK scored 5 points in a row with Kim Si-on (15 points) belatedly operating 3 stores and Lee So-hee (15 points) adding points, but there was not enough time to turn the game around.

BNK Jinan played an active role as a double-double and broke the 2000 mark in his personal career for the 49th time in WKBL history, but the light faded due to the team defeat.

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