“Even a pitcher with 223 wins in ML is working hard, so what am I to do?” Moon Dong-ju’s best talent is his mindset

Reporter Kim Kyung-hyun = While the Hanwha Eagles are cluttered with Kim Seo-hyun’s controversy, Moon Dong-ju is attracting attention for his great personality.

On the 7th, MLB superstar Jack Greinke appeared at Hanwha’s spring camp. Greinke is the owner of a career that has won 223 MLB career wins, one Cy Young Award, one All-Star, six Gold Glove Awards, and two Silver Slugger awards, and is a living legend guaranteed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Along with Hanwha players, Moon Dong-ju also enjoyed Greinke’s pitching.

Moon Dong-ju couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “It’s an honor to be able to see Greinkee, a great pitcher, in a place like this” through the Hanwha Eagles official YouTube. He said, “As he watched pitching, coach Rosado told me what to focus on, and it was good to see him focus on that part.”

He went on to say, “Greinke is working hard, so what am I… I think I need to work harder,” and did not lose his humility.

Moon Dong-ju also left a comment about his refusal to interview, which became a hot topic. While watching Greinke’s pitching, when a media outlet covered it, Moon Dong-ju politely declined the interview, saying, “He’s a player I’ve seen a lot since I was young. (Now) I think it’s time to concentrate.” He explained the situation at the time, “It may be an opportunity that I will never see again, but I really wanted to focus on it. I said that because I become conscious when the camera is next to me.”

In the attitude of watching Greinkey’s pitching, we can get a glimpse of Moon Dong-ju’s extraordinary personality. ‘Effort’ and ‘Concentration’

Moon Dong-ju’s mindset stands out in the answer to the WBC national team’s elimination. Moon Dong-ju, who unintentionally became the center of controversy due to Choo Shin-soo’s remarks. He said, “It is not something I can say about the national team. I didn’t think I would be selected because I didn’t show much of what I showed last year anyway. If I have a chance to represent the country when I reach that level, I think I will have to work hard to become a player worthy of that level. The national team did not expect it,” he explained, explaining that it was natural for him to be eliminated from the national team. 메이저사이트

Too many players have died believing only in physical talent. Sincerity is essential for a long run, but few practice it. People cite Moon Dong-ju’s physique and restraint as his talents, but his most outstanding talent is his mindset. You can improve your physique and restraint through exercise, but work ethic (work ethic/attitude) is a tool that can never be acquired without your own realization.

Hanwha is trying to raise Moon Dong-ju as the next ace. Moon Dong-ju already has an ace level personality. Let’s watch with joy how far Moon Dong-ju will grow.

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