‘Daejeon and Myeongjeon’ coach Hong Myung-bo “This is the direction the K-League should pursue”

“I think today’s game is the direction the K-League should ultimately pursue.”

Ulsan Hyundai lost 1-2 to Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 7th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 16th.

With this, Ulsan tasted its first defeat of the season and failed to achieve a record of 7 consecutive wins after the opening. Nevertheless, Ulsan maintained its lead with 18 points (6 wins, 1 loss).메이저사이트

On this day, Ulsan lost the ball in the defensive area in the 9th minute of the first half and gave Lee Jin-hyun the opening goal. Rubiksson scored an equalizer in the 19th minute of the first half, but Lee Hyun-sik conceded an additional goal just before the end of the first half and was dragged back. Ulsan knocked on the Daejeon goal until the end, but goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun’s super save and misfortune at the goal prevented it.

After the game, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “Both teams played well. The tempo was fast and organic. I think it was an interesting game. However, from our point of view, the second goal is a little regretful. “I had many chances, but I couldn’t score. We played well, and our players lost, but we did well.”

▲ The following is a Q&A session with director Hong Myung-bo.

– You struggled under the pressure of Daejeon.

I knew that the opponent’s pressure was fast. However, there was a lot of space in the midfield, so I tried to use that space in the second half. In the first half, it was difficult to set the height of the side players. As a result, I was often pressured by the opponent, and I even gave up points. I think Daejeon prepared well. We were figuring it out in our own way, but we felt that the players were a little tired. I don’t think it’s particularly problematic. Overall, there was a sense of dissatisfaction with the running of the game.

– Simultaneously with the start of the second half, Kim Tae-hwan was replaced and Seol Young-woo was replaced by Cho Hyun-taek.

Side defenders include Lee Myung-jae, Seol Young-woo, Kim Tae-hwan, and Cho Hyun-taek. In terms of defensive organization, Hyun Taek will do better over time. Until then, I guess I’ll have to keep going like this. Seol Young-woo can see both left and right. he’s no big deal However, you have to keep thinking about which direction is better for the team and prepare well.

– This is the first multi-point of the season. The next match is the East Coast Derby.

As it is the first loss of the season, the psychology or atmosphere of the players may be depressed. But I think we did really well just by winning six matches so far. The Daejeon expedition is also very difficult. I don’t think today’s loss is our players’ problem. My belief in the players has not changed at all.

– Both teams played a game that did not back down. It’s a rare game.

If we play a game like this every week, the players play about 20 games and it’s difficult because it’s hard. However, I think today’s game is the direction the K-League should ultimately pursue. For example, I think the soccer that Daejeon showed is not a good precedent, rather than the soccer that sits down and only aims for a counterattack when facing a strong team. Both teams had a fun and fast game.

– His expression was relieved as his 7-game winning streak was stopped.

I am grateful to the players even if I only won 6 times. 

– Director Lee Min-seong, whom you are close to, is on a winning streak.

Coach Lee Min-seong has a lot of leadership experience compared to his age and has had a lot of coaching experience. He has been on both the professional team and the national team. He is a fully prepared leader. Although this year is the first season in the K-League 1, he believes that he will continue to be a manager who can have a good influence on the league.

– The next match is Pohang, a tricky opponent.

I hadn’t thought about that yet. I only thought about today’s game. I’ll have to think about it from now on.

– Joo Min-gyu didn’t have a big presence.

There was a tight defense against Joo Min-gyu. I think it was good to select a defensive position that blocks his activity radius. He didn’t score a goal, but I felt he adapted a lot to our team watching the team play.

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