Controversy over Article Ji-Young Oh’s ‘Cannot Participate in the GS Match’


Oh Ji-young, a libero from the national women’s volleyball team, was prevented from participating in a match against her parents’ team due to a clause in the transfer process, controversy over fairness is brewing.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min.


Oh Ji-young, who moved from GS Caltex to Pepper Savings Bank last month, cheered on her teammates from the bench, not on the court, during a match against her former team three days ago.

[OK! Wow~~~ Okay! Hey hey!!!] This is because the

two clubs put in a ‘prohibition clause against the former team’ under the agreement, but Pepper Savings Bank notified this fact only on the day of the match.

Then, the volleyball world and fans criticized that the player’s rights were violated and that it was against fairness.

According to the ‘professional sports standard contract’ prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to protect the rights and interests of players in 2021, the club should not discriminate against players due to external factors, but the prohibition of participation in the parent team is against this. 스포츠토토

Regardless of his will, Oh Ji-young, who was unable to play in three games against GS Caltex, has no choice but to suffer losses in the FA qualification and various record competitions.

Also, for other teams competing for rankings with GS Caltex, it may be an unfair situation for the national team libero to be left out only before GS.

The Volleyball Federation, which approved the trade without recognizing this problem, requested an authoritative interpretation belatedly from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism when the controversy arose.

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