Coach Jeon Hee-chul, “I worked hard, but the only regret was the quick shot”

“When I followed and was close to ice, I made 2 or 3 easy shots and gave the opponent a 3-point shot that took away the victory.”

Seoul SK lost 65-79 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Ulsan Hyundai Mobis away game held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 29th. SK, who recorded 20 wins and 15 losses with the loss that day, missed the opportunity to rise to 3rd place and maintained 4th place.

SK, which came down from Seoul to Ulsan after a third overtime match with Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu on the 28th, was obviously inferior in physical strength. Nevertheless, they played a tight game until the beginning of the fourth quarter, but collapsed by revealing physical problems in the game.

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol recalled the game skillfully after the defeat that day.

“As you can see, I lost because I had no strength. The players worked hard and ran well. I played well until the 3rd quarter, but in the 4th quarter, my stamina is good, but I made a mistake that should not come from our team. (mistakes) can be related to stamina. I also missed an easy shot. The fourth quarter was disappointing, but the players did their best and played well.

The unfortunate thing is that the opponent must have played well, and the field goal success rate was too low. I would like to think that it was in the aftermath of the game yesterday (28th). In the 4th quarter, when it was important, I followed what was important, and when it was close, I made 2-3 easy shots and gave up a 3-point shot in a transition situation where I lost the victory to the opponent. That time was the point of victory. At that moment, I wonder if there was a bad shot choice out of a sense of urgency.

Neither Hyundai Mobis nor we had a good field goal success rate until the third quarter. The important moment in the 4th quarter happened when we made a falling choice. It was a tough game for two days. It’s not too bad for Choi Jun-yong, but in the previous game, his knee was slightly bent, and yesterday (28th) he overworked. Pain in his knee made him rest.

Because of that, it was not easy for him to break the defense that was driven by Warney. As Kim Hyung-bin entered and attacked in a narrow space, the shooting success rate dropped a lot. It was a tough game, but the players worked hard and endured until the third quarter.

In the 4th quarter, he gave up a 3-point shot due to an attack with a wrong choice. As the score gap widened, the players couldn’t exert themselves from then on. It can only be. Choi Boo-kyung did his part. He didn’t mean that Bukyung couldn’t do it.

Jun-yong was left out, and Hyundai Mobis blocked An (under the goal) very strongly. Heo Il-young must have been tired from running a lot yesterday. Just like in the last game, I was matched up with Lee Woo-seok, so my power decreased. When two players, Choi Bu-kyung and Oh Jae-hyun, enter, the defense throws them away. I did that kind of defense in the first and second rounds, but today the situation came just right.”

Coach Jeon Hee-cheol gave a lengthy explanation of the answer when asked that the outskirts attack did not go well.

“Hyundai Mobis comes out well prepared for defense. Kim Sun-hyeong drives to the left. That part is the hardest for us. Even with Choi Jun-yong, the 3-point shot success rate drops in the game against Hyundai Mobis. Today, I also ordered the players, but only Warney was found. It was a bit bad because I lost 1 or 2 shots and my confidence fell.

The way to save (outside) has to come out (pass) from inside. I try to process it in a warney diagram, and solve it in a linear diagram. The timing was the point of victory, but the choice of Warney and Seong-i allowed the opponent to counterattack. You can’t decide whether the chicken or the egg came first. There are parts where the players were hesitant to throw because they lacked confidence. 스포츠토토

Hyundai Mobis focuses on blocking Sun-yeong and Warney, and when Jun-yong is present, he even blocks a 2-2 attack. There was a frustrating part because we tried to finish it in the 1st attack while creating a chance on the outskirts in the 2nd attack.

It was faster (at the point of attempting the shot) than the inevitable choice. The team scored more than 10 points by conceding a point in a quick attack and conceding a point after a quick attack. My thoughts. Of course, there are not many options, so I ordered a jigong unless it was a perfect opportunity. There are things that Jun-yong is missing, but there are also things that the players are unable to run. Although it can’t be helped, it was the wind that I wanted to slow down (trying to shoot) in the flow.

tell the story to the players. What is different from last season is the timing to allow a comeback, and when you see a comeback loss, there are many times when the choice is quick. The players responsible for the offense, Warney, Seonhyeong, and Junyong, often shoot fast. Rather, the 3-point shot attempt is better. When shooting a 3-point shot, the court is balanced so the opponent does not counterattack.

When Sun-seon or Jun-yong goes inside and chooses a shot, Sun-seon is not at fault, and there are players in both corners in case the ball comes out when Sun-seon goes in, but if the shot doesn’t go in, it becomes an out number. If it doesn’t go in, the shot came out at a quick timing that would be a problem. Then, 4 players on the baseline, a player who shoots and a player who rebounds, and 2 players stand on either corner, and if the rebound is taken away, an out number is given. That’s the saddest part today.”

Coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “Jun-yong will play in the next game.”

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