“Clubhouse full of affection” Confession of spilled love (?)… Kim Ha-seong’s firm ‘position’

 “San Diego Clubhouse full of affection for Ha-seong Kim”

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong played second baseman and batsman 7 in a home match against the Cincinnati Reds held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time) As a starter, he went 2 hits in 4 at-bats (1 home run), 3 RBIs and 2 runs, and played an active part in a ‘one man show’.

All three homers this year had a huge impact. Ha-sung Kim hit his first home run of the season with an ending arch in a match against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 5th of last month. Ha-sung Kim’s first walk-off home run since his major league debut. His No. 2 home run was also impressive. On April 10th, against the Atlanta Braves, Kim Ha-seong sent a batted ball out of the fence through a ‘golf swing’.

It was the same on this day. In the bottom of the 4th inning, trailing 2-3, Kim Ha-seong, who hit a double as the lead batter and hit a double, tied the score with Trent Grisham’s timely hit. He hit the final three-run home run that went over the .

It was a ball that was hard to predict would lead to a home run as the launch angle was so low, but the tremendous speed of the ball at 101.2 miles (about 162.9 km) led to the momentum leading to the home run. And this home run was even more meaningful as it led to Kim Ha-sung’s 100th RBI in his major league career.

Also, Alex Young did not allow a single home run while pitching 26⅔innings in 25 games last season. In other words, he was a tough opponent to hit home runs. However, Ha-seong Kim drew an arch, and Young scored his first home run in 41⅔ innings. It was a home run that meant a lot in many ways.

Right after Ha-seong Kim hit a home run, Petco Park was in a festive atmosphere. In the process of stepping on the groove, Kim Ha-seong performed the ceremony by dancing ‘deungsil deungsil’. In response, 33,791 spectators sent Kim Ha-sung’s name as the era name and a ‘curtain call’ pouring out hot cheers, and Kim Ha-seong raised his hands above his head and showed his gratitude to the fans.

Kim Ha-seong, who is in his third season to advance to the major leagues, is a little disappointing with his performance this year. That’s because his batting average is only 0.222 and his OPS is just 0.685 over 28 games played. The defense is not superfluous enough to be selected as a finalist for the National League Gold Glove, but there is no noticeable growth in terms of hitting. However, it seems clear that Kim Ha-seong is an indispensable presence in San Diego.메이저사이트

After Kim Ha-seong became the main character on the 2nd, his San Diego colleagues poured out heartfelt praise toward him. Fernando Tatis Jr., who played at Petco Park for the first time after receiving severe punishment for taking a banned substance, expressed his extraordinary affection for Ha-sung Kim, saying, “Who doesn’t love Ha-sung Kim?”

And starting with the opening game of the regular season, Blake Snell, who gained his first victory thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s final home run in the sixth appearance, also joined the effort. “Ha-sung Kim is one of my favorite players,” Snell said with a broad smile.

Dalnay Trip, anchor of ‘NBC San Diego’ in the U.S., conveyed Snell and Tatis Jr.’s comments through SNS and conveyed the atmosphere of the team, saying, “There is a lot of affection for Ha-sung Kim in the San Diego clubhouse.” This is the part where you can get a glimpse of Ha-sung Kim’s position within the team.

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