Chungju Little Thunders mascots ‘look-alike duo’ Kim Min-gyu and Ji Tae-ho “You do better”

 “I want to do well like (G) Tae-ho. Taeho is good at shooting and passing”, “(G)Taeho looks much better.”

The Chungju Samsung Little Thunders Elementary 3rd grade team led by coach Hana Park won the championship at the 2023 Chungju Mayor Youth Basketball Tournament, which closed last week.

In Chungju Samsung, Kim Won-ho and Lee Hangyul played an active role in all directions, while Kim Min-gyu (152cm, Joongang Elementary 4) and Ji Tae-ho (153cm, Yongsan Elementary 4) shone in defense. Kim Min-kyu and Ji Tae-ho played a big role in raising the team’s energy level based on their vigorous activity.

Currently, Kim Min-gyu and Ji Tae-ho, who are currently attending fourth grade at Yongsan Elementary School and Chungang Elementary School in Chungju, respectively, are said to be the mascots of the Chungju Samsung Youth Basketball Class. Although they are not brothers, the two are just as similar in their passion and talent for basketball as they are in their looks.

Kim Min-kyu and Ji Tae-ho expressed their feelings about winning, saying, “It was good that they passed well and my friends accepted and put it in.”

When Kim Min-gyu brought up Ji Tae-ho’s name, he said, “I want to do well like (G) Tae-ho. “Taeho is good at shooting and passing,” he said. “I advise Taeho to focus well when defending, and also throw some shots.”

When asked about his strengths, Kim Minkyu answered, “I don’t have any particular strengths. He has to be better at breaking through or shooting,” he replied humbly. As mentioned earlier, Kim Min-gyu and Ji Tae-ho prioritize dirty work such as defense rather than scoring, and play a role in keeping their teammates alive.

Ji Tae-ho said, “(Kim) Min-gyu is a bit better at passing than I am, and his shooting is also better. He is doing well in all aspects,” he praised Kim Min-gyu.

When Kim Min-kyu gave Ji Tae-ho’s humble answer, he said, “No. (G) Taeho’s appearance is much better.”

When asked which player they would like to resemble, the answer came back as if they had made a promise: Choi Jun-yong (SK). The two said, “I like Choi Jun-yong. I want to emulate the versatility.” 토토사이트

Chungju Samsung Thunders coach Hana Park, who is instructing Kim Min-gyu and Ji Tae-ho, said, “Both players are serious about basketball and have a lot of greed. I believed that I would do well because I put a lot of effort in preparing for this tournament, and it turned out to be a good result. I believed that I would do well because I put a lot of effort into preparing only for concentration. His concentration is a bit weak, but he is working hard to improve his concentration. I look forward to the future,” said Kim Min-gyu and Ji Tae-ho.

Upon hearing this, Kim Min-gyu and Ji Tae-ho said, “Mr. Hana Park is sometimes scary, but she points out what we should do. She is a beauty teacher (laughs). I want to do well next time and give the coach a championship trophy,” revealing his affection for coach Hana Park.

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